Do you want a realistic handbook for life -- a life that is filled with power, joy, and right living?  Do you want to do more than just be a Christian, but to believe wholeheartedly in all that Jesus said?  Do you want to transform your life, business, or church with timeless principles that work?  Jesus tells you how in the Sermon on the Mount, and Journey on the Kingdom Road explains the teachings in ways that modern America can understand.

As a nationally acclaimed business leader, speaker, missionary, and lay pastor, Dr. Bud Surles has lived the journey he writes about. He has combined his life experiences; growing up on a dusty West Texas farm, working as a Rocky Mountain guide and outfitter, serving as an executive in both state and national parks, serving in the mission field, and answering the call to pulpit ministry -- all to weave the truths of the Sermon on the Mount together. He has taught these principles to hundreds of pastors internationally, business leaders, and to his own congregations.


I truly enjoyed this book, and I believe you will too. Bud Surles is a man of the land, and his illustrations drawn from the wide open spaces of the American West show that he is also a keen observer. Have you ever wondered what it is like to bite a porcupine? Read on. Do you want to gaze on the incomparable beauty of the Cold Spring area of Wyoming? The secrets are here.

Make no mistake however. The illustrations in this book pack a punch. Journey on the Kingdom Road is intended for your night stand, not your coffee table. So get out your yellow highlighter and savor the practical insights that Bud Surles has assembled between the covers of this outstanding book.
George Otis, Jr. Lynnwood, Washington

"Bud's book is very conversational and engaging . . . His great strength is in the stories he tells, his own parables. I loved the story about the family mailbox, a wonderful illustration. My favorite story, though, was of the Irish Setter -- poignant and perfectly illustrates the consequences of unforgiveness. Bud's book will help every reader travel farther down the Kingdom Road."
Cher Smith,

"As followers of Christ walk the Kingdom Road, we best be going the right direction, for the right reason. Bud's writing helps us keep our eye on the goal, and make the most of the journey along the way. This book is true to Scripture, offers fresh insight, and speaks to real life. Written with a style of a good friend sharing his heart, this book will touch yours. Helpful indeed!"
Stan Hankins - International Evangelist for Ambassadors for Christ

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