Praying to the Father
Tuesday, May 4, 2010

“This then is how you should pray: ‘Our Father inSee full size image heaven, hallowed be Your name...”  (Matthew 6:9) 

Sometimes the presence of my Dad still lingers in my dreams.  In those dreams, he is always sick and about to die and I am helpless to stop the process.  When I am awake I often think of him, but he is never sick or weak.  In those thoughts, he is strong as an ox and gentle as a lamb, as he truly was.  I think of his profound advice, his sometimes hesitant teachings, but always the life of faith that he lived.  I loved my Dad deeply, and I miss him profoundly – although he has been gone for almost 25 years.  In him was embodied the principles of Christianity.I regret that not everyone had a father like my Dad. 

I regret even more, that I will never come close to being his equal when it comes to fatherhood.  But when I contemplate those things, that is when I realize, that we all have a Father who is flawless in character; prefect in righteousness; and unfailing in love.  He will never leave us, not even for a short time.  That is the message that Jesus was conveying in “The Lord’s Prayer.”  And it is one that will truly teach us to be better at the act and discipline of prayer.The Lord’s Prayer begins where all effective prayer begins – with an understanding that God is indeed Father. 

When God is Father that can only mean that we are His children.  We are all like prodigal children, and like the prodigal son in Jesus’ parable, we must recognize that God is the source of our being.  In this parable, the young man despised his father and asked for his inheritance.  He then went to a far-a-way land and squandered that money on sinful living.  But when a great famine broke out in the country, he was without money or friends.  He went to work for a farmer and he had to eat with the pigs.  At one point, his life become so bad, he said, “I will set out and go back to my father and say to him: Father, I have sinned against heaven and against you.” 

This is the beginning point.  When we realize that every good thing comes from the Father and it is in His presence that we were created to be.  When we are childlike in the presence of God, there is a deep sense of adoration.  That is when we pray – “Hallowed be Your name.”  Most Christians can say this, but few are the ones who understand what it means.  To hallow means to consider holy.  Oswald Chambers said, “My greatest fear every day is that somewhere, somehow, at some instant, God’s name will not be hallowed.”  As I was in the process of writing this, a friend of mine called on the phone and asked, “What do I do when someone I enjoy being around uses the Lord’s name in a derogatory way?”   When we as children of the Father cannot bear to hear His name used in a wrong or blasphemous way, then we are coming close to Hallowing His name.  But adoration goes far beyond not wanting God’s name defiled, it speaks of worshiping Him and loving when His name is exalted. 

We love hearing wonderful stories of God; love hearing music which praises Him.  Our hearts become warm – just like when someone you love on earth is exalted.  And the rapture of being caught up with God, provides the beautiful setting for prayer.The Fatherhood of God is the most powerful concept of Christian prayer.  Charles Spurgeon wrote, “Hallowed be Thy name.  The child lisping, ‘Abba Father,’ grows into the cherub crying, ‘Holy, Holy, Holy.’  There is but a step from rapturous worship to the glowing missionary spirit, which is a sure outgrowth of filial love and reverent adoration.” 

Our power in prayer comes from our privilege in prayer and our privilege in prayer comes from the intimacy that is a gift from our Father in heaven.I yearn to see my Dad again.  It will be a grand and glorious reunion.  But the next time I see him, he will no longer be my Dad – he will be my brother, because together we will be worshiping the same Father.  Thank you Lord Jesus for the privileges you grant us.

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