To Kenya
Thursday, May 6, 2010


Dear Friends and Fellow Sojourners on the Kingdom Road,

This will be my last letter to you before departing for Kisii, Kenya.  This is an exciting time for me and one I know will reap great rewards for the Kingdom of God.  My long time ministry partner, Dan Garnett, is going with me.  He will provide deep teachings and wonderful music.  What a blessing it will be to work shoulder to shoulder with him again.

Our mission will be to continue the work in person which was started by the modern miracle of the internet.  Sister Rose Muragwa contacted me about 3 years ago to assist her and a group of dedicated believers to establish a new church in Kisii.  Since that time, her tireless efforts have born much fruit.  And now, I get to meet her face to face and visit the church which I was privileged to play a small part in building.  It is called Kingdom Road Ministries -- Kenya.

Many of you have participated financially in making this trip for Dan and I possilbe.  And I am deeply grateful for that.  Now, I am asking for the most important commitment of all.  We need your prayers.  We need you to be praying for the ministry, the teaching, the harvest, and the continued relationships developed while there.  And while I always appreciate prayers for travel mercies, Sister Rose is quite confident of God's anointing on our safety and health.  Join her in her prayers for us.

Lastly, I would ask each of my readers to reflect upon the importance of building kingdom relationships, not bound by national borders, continents, or oceans.  I know that Sister Rose and her fledging congretion are so important to God and thus should be important to us all.  So remember us all as you attend worship on this Sunday.  Remind your pastors to lift us up, pray for us, and rejoice with us.  Also pray for opportunites for me to share this wonderful adventure with you when I return.

God bless you all.  In Christ,

Bud Surles

Kingdom Road Ministries
PO Box 503
10 South Main, Suite 201
Victor, ID 83455

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