Kenya Ministry
Thursday, May 20, 2010

Dear Friends and Supporters,

                Dan and I arrived safely back from Africa on Monday evening (Dan flew on to Wyoming and that took another day of traveling for him).  On Tuesday, I had to drive to Colorado Springs for my grandson’s graduation, so this is the first opportunity I have had to give you an update.

                Ministry in Kenya went well.  As with all ministry there were highs and lows, but I feel in many ways, God did a good work there.  We made many new friends, and saw much that was hard on our American eyes.  I have found as I travel in third world countries, it is so difficult to fathom how wonderfully well we Americans have it.  Infrastructure, medical facilities and services, good food supply, water and utilities, security, and an economy that works on the principles of honest transactions between parties (obviously America could do better in many of these areas, but in comparison we have a phenomenal system that we need to fight to preserve) in our land are all such blessings.

                We had flight delays because of the volcanic ash going in, so we did not arrive until Sunday morning the 9th.  We drove straight to the Gucha District where our accommodations were and then immediately taken to the church to conduct a worship service.  Then on Monday the Pastors’ Conference began.  Every day, teaching was dictated by rain and transportation crises.  Because teaching facilities were non-existent to crude, the ability to teach as we wanted was greatly hampered.  But the Kenyans took this in stride and the rain this time of year dictates all aspects of their lives.  On Saturday we visited the Mara Game Preserve and got a glimpse of the Africa of National Geographics and the movies which dictate so much of our ideas about the continent.  Then on Sunday it was worship and back home.

                Behind this loose itinerary, however, much work by the Holy Spirit happened – prayerfully some of this was from our teachings and ministry, but surely He did much in our own hearts.  There is a universal and collective truth that transcends all languages, races, religions, and nationalities.  Children are precious in God’s sight.  The Kenya children are no exception.  They are so trusting and joyful, even in the midst of what we would call extreme poverty and little care.  We all need to pray for the children of the world, that they can be raised up out of the mires they are in for a better world.

                There is much I would like to share on a much more personal level that I feel appropriate for this newsletter, since it finds its way onto the worldwide web.  I will be putting together a program to fully display all that God has done.  So, I would be happy to share this with various groups and churches which would like an up close look at what God did with us and through us, and to display a glimpse of the Africa of today.  I am working with Kingdom Road Ministries to establish criteria for priorities and accountability, so that I can move forward in assisting this fledgling group of churches to be all that they can be.

                Please consider letting me present this cause to you and your church.  Thank all of you who supported this trip through your prayers and financial support.

In Christ,

Bud Surles

Kingdom Road Ministries
PO Box 503
10 South Main, Suite 201
Victor, ID 83455

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