Tuesday, June 15, 2010

“If the foundations are destroyed, what can the righteous do?”  Psalm 11:14

                This past weekend, I was duped into going to what was hailed as a class reunion.  But to my surprise, when I arrived, there were a bunch of old people bearing names of my classmates.  I know they were not really my classmates because they didn’t recognize me -- me of all people, who has not changed one iota since graduating from high school.  Imagine my shock as the more I talked with them, the more they began to resemble my classmates.  It became evident to me as the weekend passed, that they were really my classmates, but had been infected by some aging virus, which not only made them look considerably older, but hampered their eyesight and could not recognize me.  Hmmm!!!

                However, what I want to share with you today comes from that visit.  And bear with me before you dismiss this as a travel log.  At the general assembly, in a beautiful gymnasium resembling on a smaller scale what you might find in a fine university, the Superintendent of Schools began to speak.  But before he began, he prayed.    Imagine that, in our culture today, a school official began with prayer.  One of our classmates is a teacher at that school and she told us that was not unusual.  He begins all teachers’ meetings with prayer as well – even athletic events at this school begin with prayer. 

                Now, let me tell you a little about this 2A school is a dying West Texas town.  The School Board was just honored by the State of Texas as “School Board of the Year.”  The school is listed as one of the top ten schools in the nation academically.  This year’s Texas teacher of the year is from there.  The graduating class had over one third of its students on the National Honor Society.  Almost $1 million dollars in scholarships for higher education was granted to this class, included one full ride to the Air Force Academy.  Two of the graduates received Junior College degrees before they received their high school diplomas.  Ten of the graduates had a 4.0 or better.  The list of athletic achievements for this school are too numerous to count.  The facilities, both academic and athletic are the best in the State for a school that size – and the school is debt free.

                What makes this school so special?  Is there a major industry in town which donates massive sums of money?  Is it an oil rich community, with no lower income people?  Is there some special endowment which is unique to this school?  The answer is no.  There is no major industry.  My suspicion is that the average per capita income is very low for Texas.  There are no endowments, no oil and gas reserves to fuel the pot.  In short this is an average or below average community in every way – except for one essential ingredient.  This town has a very special relationship to God.  They are unashamed of the number of churches which fill their streets.  And they are unashamed to bring God into their schools – and I might add, unafraid.  They understand there is a foundation upon which to build their schools, and it is the same foundations which once set America apart and made her great.  And as I have watched these foundations be methodically destroyed in America, I was delighted to see there is a very special preserve where they still exist and the results are phenomenal. 

                This foundation comes from the blood, sweat and tears of people who have gone before them.  I went to the cemetery to visit the graves of my family.  While there I took the time to read some of the old tombstones.  While Texas is portrayed in movies as being settled by a bunch of bandits and gunslingers, don’t believe it for a moment.  It was founded by men and women, coming here to establish their own little beachheads for the “Kingdom of God.”  They were hard working ranchers and their families; farmers tearing up the soil with back breaking work and minimal equipment; people who met the challenges of wind, draught, conflicts with Indians, and yes even bandits and gunslingers.  But by their faith, they prevailed, and they passed it on to generations to come.  Now there is this little enclave in the heart of Texas, who is unashamed of their God, and who live in the midst of His blessings.

                Let me tell you, I left there, humbled at what my elderly classmates have fought to maintain.  As I travel all over the world to teach and preach the Kingdom of God, I learned there is still a place in America, a place that gave me my faith and my roots, which knows and understands, “when the foundations are destroyed, [the righteous are doomed].”  And for their part, that is not going to happen on their watch.

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