Ill Advised Freedom
Sunday, July 4, 2010


“For certain men whose condemnation was written about long ago have secretly slipped in among you.  They are godless men, who change the grace of our God into a license for immorality and deny Jesus Christ our only sovereign and Lord.” (Jude 4)

                Last week I was enraged (not too strong a word) by the President’s remark concerning the immigration laws of Arizona, “It was ill advised,” he said.  Although I have my own opinions about immigration laws and policies, this is not the place or time to air those.  What enraged me, however, was the term “ill advised.”  For what the President was claiming is that his advisors are superior to the State of Arizona’s advisors.  That he, living thousands of miles from the borders of America (both logistically and politically) has better advice than those living in the midst of the fray.  And this raises a deeper theological issue which I believe if not addressed by godly people, will erode our freedoms and destroy our land.  So on this 234th birthday of our nation, I want to pursue with you the basics of freedom, and how it can be maintained into generations to come.

                First of all, freedom envisioned by our forefathers was never a freedom from a relationship with God.  To the contrary, the principles of freedom in their minds rested on the foundations of godly people, making godly decisions at all levels of government.  Noah Webster knew that apart from the Bible our Constitution was unworkable.  He said that the preservations of liberty, freedom, and justice relied upon the virtue of Christians loving God and loving country.  In his mind the two could not be separated.  This attitude of course is contained in so many of our founders’ writings and speeches.  What that means in our modern era is that we cannot assume that our freedom can be preserved by ungodly people.  We cannot appoint, Mr. President, federal panels, positions, and policies to safeguard freedoms and control licentiousness, people who have separated the grace of God from the moral course of action.  That line of thought would have totally escaped the reason of our founders.  Yet the highest ranking advisor to our President is marked with shady deals (politics as usual), shady language, bribery, and conceit.  As long as government allows such appointments, ill advice is the best we can expect.

                Second, freedom can never be preserved where God is not.  Freedom (“if you are My disciples, I will set you free, and if I set you free, you will be free indeed.” – Jesus) is based upon godly people following God and godly principles.  When ancient Israel pursued God, they were free.  When they pursued the lusts of their own hearts, idols, and to be like other nations, their freedoms quickly eroded.  I am not ashamed that the United States of America is the greatest nation to have ever existed on this earth – great in godliness, great in righteousness, great in generosity, and great in prosperity.  Yet, the powers that be want us to be like other nations.  They want to imitate Europe (which has less than an 8 percent population of worshipping Christians) whose economies are bankrupt and whose social patterns have destroyed their foundations.  They want to limit our freedom to worship, constrain our freedom to succeed, and dilute our freedom to be the best in our class and exchange those freedoms for a homogenous mediocrity where opportunities of the best are limited by the attitudes of the mundane.  We have told God we do not want Him in our schools, our government, and in our lives.  We use His name as the vilest of curse words, and we mock Him with our art.  And freedom cannot be sustained where God is not.

                Freedom is never the freedom to do what is wrong; it is the freedom to always do what is right.  And the only problem comes in our interpretation of what is right.  If right and wrong is left up to a majority vote, then troubles begin when the majority of people are separated from God. [Today in America, only 26% of our people will be worshipping God. (Probably even less because it is a holiday)]  The will of an unrighteous people will always be unrighteousness.  Our standards of right and wrong upon which our freedoms must reside, must be a common proclaimed righteousness.  Those have been given by the God who created our nation, who created our leaders, and who created you and me.  So our freedoms must rest upon a righteousness that comes from God.

                Ill advised, Mr. President?  I would be cautious with my words.  Ill advice comes from people whose lives are advised from other than our God.  And until you surround yourself with Daniels as advisors, instead of men who are corrupt in their very souls, I will proclaim that it is you who is ill advised.  Only then will you be the leader of freedom and a chief proponent of its preservation.

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