A Call to Arms
Saturday, July 10, 2010

“Seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things will be added unto you.”  Mt. 6:33

                Suppose for a moment that a flash just came across the news.  The enemy has invaded the United States.  This time the attack was not just leveled at New York or Honolulu.  This time it is a massive invasion of rural America, small towns, large towns, and major cities.  It is an all out confrontation against everyone person in America and it is taking place in your town.  Suppose that news flash came with a call to arms.  Every able bodied American must rise up or our way of life, even life itself is at stake.  What would you do?  Would you call in sick; go play golf; read the Sunday paper; or go fishing with the kids?  Would you let the official in the town near you that you had a hard week at the office and this is your only day off?

                Let me regress to the daily news of July 10, 2010.  According to my news sources 6 U.S. troops were killed by the Taliban in Afghanistan; 100 people were killed in a Pakistani bombing; a man responsible for the death of 10 young women was arrested 15 times and released each time; school is teaching controversial sex education to young children; a school in PA is handing out condoms to first graders; a professor in Illinois has been fired for saying homosexuality is morally wrong; the Black Panthers have been freed to intimidate white voters; the residents of Jerusalem are living in fear of radical Islamists while the U.S. protests Israeli actions; man in Dallas is arrested for exposing himself to young children,                and another sex offender has been set free.  Need I go on?  I could, you know, for many pages, but I think you get the idea.  The enemy has attacked near and far, lives have been lost, and our safety has been threatened.

                This past week, I traveled in Texas and Florida and for some reason; I became overwhelmed by the number of churches I passed on the roads.  By the end of the week, I had this nagging question exploding in my head – “If Christianity is so prevalent in America, with a church on almost every street corner in the south, why is there so much wrong in our land?”  Gandhi was a great Hindu man, who believed the Sermon on the Mount was the greatest sermon ever preached, and that Jesus was the greatest teacher who ever lived.  But Gandhi was not a Christian.  Why?  Because he said, “The message of Jesus is obviously not effective to change the lives of His people.”  This is the same point that came bullying itself into my heart and mind this past week.  We have churches everywhere.  The enemy is clearly on the attack.  He has invaded our towns, our lives, and indeed the entire world.  And tomorrow, on Sunday morning, Christians will be calling in sick, playing golf, reading the Sunday paper, fishing with the kids, and declaring it’s their only day off, so they won’t go to church.

                And we wonder why we are losing the battles in our courts, our government hallways, in the conduct of our businesses, in our schools, our families, and our lives.  We wonder why our marriages are on the rocks, our friends and neighbors treat us unjustly, and we have alarms on our houses, and bars in our windows.  We wonder why our tax dollars are being spent on condoms, abortions, and legislative parties.  We wonder why whales and pelicans are more important than our unborn, why oil spills receive more attention than swelling prisons, why legals are being sued while illegals are being set free.  We wonder why our freedoms are being eroded and fear is exploding across our land.

                We shouldn’t wonder.  Tomorrow, less than 1 out of 4 Americans will be in church, even though 83% claim to be Christian.  Warfare has been declared by God’s enemy and we will be taking the day off.  I was chastised in the ministry by members of my congregation because I believe God is serious about the 4th commandment and so too are pastors all across the land.  There is only one hope for America and the world and it is not some political slogan or politician.  It is Jesus Christ and His people seeking first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness (not CBS, NBC, or ABC defined righteousness, but His) and you will not find out what that is unless you seek Him in the evangelical churches across our land.  Let that begin tomorrow, for today we have been invaded.

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