When God Says Go
Sunday, July 25, 2010

“Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, and teach them to obey everything I have commanded you.” (Mt. 28:19)


                “Go!”  That is the song that was sung at my ordination.  It meant a lot to me then, and it remains to haunt and drive me today.  I have driven myself to go; I have sometimes neglected the voice; and sometimes I am confused by what I hear.  But “going” in the Christian life is not something we should ever take lightly.  It is the voice of God which told Abraham to go and it was the voice of God that told the apostles to go, and it is the voice of God which tells you and me to go.  What do you do when God tells you to go?


                That is a profound question.  For Abraham, his response changed the course of human history.  He was an elderly man, living in his father’s home country, comfortable with life and things just as they were.  Then God said, “Go!”  Go to a place I will show you.   We have all heard sermons on the subject.  By faith, Abraham packed up his family and when to a strange land.  And often from those sermons we leave the worship service feeling a little bit guilty, wishing the pastor had talk about “having a good day”, because we have neither heard the voice of God nor have we felt His nudgings.  But mainly we change the subject in our minds, go to the local restaurant and put the pastor’s words behind us.  After all, we rationalize, he has stayed in his own comfort zone or he would not be here.  And when we do,  we miss the point.


                To Abraham, God said go in faith and I will make you a blessing to all nations.  To His disciples, Jesus said go and tell them of God’s blessing to all nations.  For Abraham, it was his job to set the stage for the greatest event in world history, and for the disciples, it was their job to carry out the greatest message in all history.  We all know that.  God said, “Go,” and faithful people responded and today we all are the beneficiaries of their faithfulness.  But what about the generations to come?  What kind of world will they live in?  Will they live in a world filled with the opportunities to know and love God that we have had, or will it be a world where God has removed the blessings and the opportunities are crumbling?  The answer to that is based upon how God’s people respond when He says “Go!”


                Going does not necessarily mean we must all go into the mission field of a foreign land.  Certainly in modern America, the mission field is as close as your nose.  It is all around us.  It is on the streets of America, on the back roads, and in the stores.  The mission field is wherever we are on any given day.  It is the beauty shop, the family dinner table, the check-out line in the grocery store and in the coffee shops where our days get their start.  The mission field is wherever someone, anyone, does not know God.  And the mission field is growing dry and dusty, increasingly feeling the void of the diminishing presence of the Holy Spirit working through God’s people.  Our laws, the rules, the peer pressures, and the stigma attached to witnessing have stymied the “going” of so many Christians today that the voice of God is losing its volume in our land.


                Two of the greatest God events in history, began with the word “Go!”  The sending of Abraham, which set the stage for the coming of the Messiah; and the sending of the disciples which set the stage for the formation of the Church around the world are framed by that simple two letter word.  God is only going to say “go” one more time.  But it will have a different meaning depending on how we respond to the going He has already spoken.  For those who respond positively, the King will say, “Go, sit at My right hand.”  But to those who have deafened their ears to the voice of God, He will say, “Go!”  “Go away from Me for I never knew you.”

                 If you make an unchristian spectacle out of yourself in the checkout line arguing over the change you have been given; if you share in the gossip of the beauty or barber shop; if you rush past a hurting person as the Levite and the priest did; if your dinner table is not God honoring; if you turn your back on the least of these little ones, day to day, you are not heeding the “Go” of God.  Every encounter you have tomorrow will be a God event.  If you chose to honor Him in the events, you will be responding to the “Go!”  If you do not, if you would rather win the argument, share in the tidbit, or leave a wake of frustrated drivers while you rush to meet your own deadline, your ears have become so filled with the voices of the world, that you can no longer hear the voice of God.  And that voice – today and 4,000 or 2,000 years ago – is still saying Go.  Be my disciples.


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