The Evidence Demands a Verdict
Sunday, August 1, 2010

“For we do not preach ourselves, but Jesus Christ as Lord, and ourselves as your servants for Jesus’ sake.  For God, who said, ‘Let light shine out of darkness,’ made His light shine in our hearts to give us the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Christ.”


                Was George Washington a real person?  If so, was he really the commanding general of the colonies and the first President of the United States?  Are you sure?  Why are you sure?  Were you there?  No, not one of you in eyeshot of this letter were there, and you cannot know for sure that he existed.  He may have been a fabrication of early Americans to project the American ideal forward.  He could have been a compilation of dreams to make the colonial plight more tolerable, and to rally uniformed people to a common cause believed in by a core of idealists.  Now, before you quit reading, and say, “well he has finally gone off the deep end,” think about what I have just said in light of the Christian faith.  For indeed, modern seminaries, government schools, and the media teach such things regarding Jesus Christ and Christianity.


                What is taught in the halls of government and in liberal Christianity today is that we cannot know that Jesus was indeed a real historical figure.  In fact, they maintain, He was merely an ideal perpetuated by the early church in order to advance their own agenda (can you imagine advancing an agenda which involved rejection, persecution, and marginalization).  And sadly, we Christians have set by and allowed them to do this (or at least we have slept soundly while it was taking place).  But you see, the very things that make us sure that George Washington existed, are the very things that allow us to know that Christ, in all of His glory, existed.  The evidence demands that verdict.  We know that both Washington and Christ existed because history carries such a clear and indelible stamp of their existence.


                Let’s go back to George Washington for a moment.  We know he was not a fiction of early Americans because of the historical evidence passed on by the people who were there.  But we not only have eye witnesses to confirm his existence, we have historical evidence of the created matter of our nation.  The very fact that we have a nation that is run, not by the military, but by law of civilians is a major contribution of George Washington and because we cling dearly to that tenet in our land, we have proof of his existence.  George Washington and the cherry tree may have been myth, but George Washington and our foundations is truth we can know because of the evidence left in history.


                The very same thing can be said about Jesus.  He left an indelible mark on history that has transcended the ages.  First of all we have the eye witness accounts of His life, death, and resurrection.  The Apostle John was an eyewitness of all those things.  He (and others as well) went to great ends to confirm that he was an eyewitness and therefore, he stated repeatedly “we know!”  There was a reason that apostolic authority (upon which we base our acceptance of Scripture) required that those called “apostles” were men who walked with Christ and were eyewitnesses to His resurrected Body.  There was a reason that Christianity was based on what 500 witnesses saw and knew.  But the evidence of the reality of Christ does not stop with the eyewitnesses.  The reality of Christ is seen in the dramatic change in world history as a result of His life.  And it was changed because people knew that He was (and is) real.  We have hospitals because of Christ.  We have the advancement of women to equal status because of Christ.  We have institutions of higher learning because of Christ.  We have people giving their lives to His love, dying in the mission fields, serving relentless hours in prisons, remote villages, and hospitals (dispensing love not terror) because of Christ.  We have a definition of love which means “total giving of ourselves to the good of the other” because of Christ.  Yes!  We can believe because we know.   As Paul said in the passage above that we have knowledge of the glory of God because of the face of Christ.


                Now why is this important?  Well, I said yesterday that knowing and embracing the truth of Christ has been waning and thus the power and effectiveness of Christianity has waned as well.  We have many people in America who profess Christ.  But you can profess something you don’t believe in.  That is why there is such a huge gap in the teachings of Christ and the behavior of Christians.  There are even fewer people who are committed to Christ.  But even then, you can have a commitment to something without true belief.  And you can even believe in something you don’t know for sure is a fact.  I believe that our founders wanted to protect Christianity based upon my reading and my understanding of the second amendment.  But I don’t know what I believe because I was not sitting in the room listening to the debates.  However, I behave as if that is true because I believe it.  The essence, however, of life changing direction is based upon things I know for sure.  And I know for sure that Jesus Christ lived a sinless life, taught us many things about love and life, died for my sins, and was raised from the dead to break the power of death on all who believe.  How do I know, the evidence of history is rock solid clear.  And the change in my life from the moment that became my reality bears witness to what I know to be true.

                 The evidence of Christ demands His people give the world a verdict of love, grace, mercy, and goodness by the change in our lives.


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