We Have Lost our Way
Sunday, August 15, 2010

“By the word of the Lord were the heavens made, their starry host by the breath of His mouth.”  (Ps. 33:6)


                There is a classic struggle in our culture today involving people of faith and the purveyors of science.  At the surface level it appears the question is “evolution versus intelligent design.”  And while that is an issue, for the most part that is the red herring which provides sufficient detraction from the real issue.  And because we have wandered from the real issue, we find we have lost our Way. 


                I was listening to a conversation last winter between two groups of Christians on the issue of “creationism versus evolution.”  Back and forth, point versus counterpoint, necessity versus absurdity, the conversation would leave no wounded.  Finally (as usually happens), I had to open my mouth.  I said, “My issue for both sides to ponder is not whether or not the earth was created in 6, 24 hour periods or over a billion years of gradual change.”  (And this is my point today.)  “The real question in my mind today is whether or not your God is capable of creating the earth in 6, 24 hour periods.  Is He capable of changing non-organic water into an aged to perfection organic wine?  Is He capable of bringing all heaven and earth to be by His Word?  Did He really stand on the bow of the boat and say “Peace be still!”  and the winds and the waves obeyed His voice?”  You see, the loss of that Way in most Christians’ minds has methodically dismantled the faith of Paul and the Apostles.


                I am sure that there was a great deal of fear with those “ordinary and unschooled men” who were at the bottom of the social, political, and economic ladders of their day.  They had been given the extraordinary task of building the Kingdom of God in a world of politics, religious chaos, and rigid authoritarianism.  Yet, because of the size of their God, because they had no doubt that Jesus could change water into wine, calm the seas, raise the dead, or create the world in 6 days, 1 day periods, or an instant – the task was accepted without hesitation.  And just as impossible in our minds of creating the world in 6 days, the impossible task of changing the world began to happen by people of faith (and knowledge).


                We have lost our “Way.”  I am reminded of the story of the pilot who was flying her jet at the speed of sound – upside down.  When the time came for her to make a steep climb, she forgot she was upside down and the steep climb was instead a steep descent into her grave.  I fear we are flying upside down because we do not worship any longer the God “who is able to do immeasurably more than all we can ask or imagine.” (Eph. 3:20)  We no longer ascribe to Him to the power to create, calm, change, or otherwise control the environment He created.  So we grab the controls of flight, and are clueless of whether we are flying upright, or upside down.  And when faced with a crisis, we so often plunge into the ground of our own destruction.

                 I am convinced that all the arguments of today’s cultural wars stem from the fact that the Christian God has become too small in our minds.  We allow the arguments of the politically correct, the scientific method enthusiasts, and the people of no religion or other religions to sway our thinking and diminish our God.  And the result is we allow elect people with small gods, we hire teachers with small gods, we send our children to universities with small gods, and worst of all, we form our future upon small gods.  And the God who is able to do immeasurably more than all we can ask or imagine is no longer asked or is part of our imagination.  We have lost our Way, and unless we find Him again, like the pilot, we will plunge into our destruction.



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