Truth Matters
Saturday, August 21, 2010

“I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life.  No one comes to the Father except through Me.”  (John 14:6)


                There is a controversy going today about the religion of our President.   The controversy, while simmering in the bog of a disgruntled electorate, was brought to light by a recent poll which showed 20% of Americans believed the President to be Muslim; 34% believed him to be Christian; and most were confused about whatever he might proclaim as his faith.  Commentators on all sides of the issues have weighed in – is he Christian, what are the signs, is he Muslim, how can we know, is he an atheist, is that acceptable, and maybe most importantly, does it matter?  And mostly the consensus from the media is that it shouldn’t matter.  They bring up the Presidents of the past, how they were maligned if they showed too much faith, too little faith, etc.  Today, I want to make the case that what any civic leader believes really does matter.


                Before I dive into that, however, I want to make one aside.  What has humored me the most in this situation is that Obama and the Whitehouse are surprised by the results of this poll.  And my question is, “Why are you surprised?”  You have declared the traditional National Prayer Breakfast off limits, but have gladly appeared before the Ramadan banquet to celebrate Islam.  You have exalted the Islam faith in speech after speech, but refuse to exalt Christ in a single speech because you desire to be politically correct.  You gather around you ministers to inform you, but a close examination of those ministers reveals little about your faith and you have even kept the fact away from the American people.  You declared in the first 3 months of your presidency that “America is not a Christian nation.”  And I am sure most Christians could come up with other ostentatious shows of neglect to exalt your Creator.  So, don’t be surprised Mr. President.  We all write our resumes every day.


                Now to the issue at hand.  Does it really matter what our leaders believe.  Well the answer to that lies in the reality of truth.  If there is something that is true, and you don’t believe it is true, then how can you lead?  On the simplistic level, if a leader does not believe that 2 + 2 = 4 is truth, then how can we put them in charge of the massive budgets politicians play with today (Hmm!)?  That mathematical formula is so basic that denial of it as truth could cause chaotic problems beyond which we cannot imagine.  So then at least at that level, belief in an underlying truth is essential.  But what if there is a greater Truth that dictates all human existence.  What if there is a God who created all humanity, invested all His fullness in a Person called Jesus, died on the cross to give hope for humanity, and then commanded us to live for Him and one another in the same sacrificial way, and that belief in that truth is the only thing that will save you.  If that is true (and I wrote a few weeks ago demonstrating that truth), does it matter if our political leaders believe that?


                If that is true, would it not have impact on the laws they promulgate, the ordinances they enact, the zeal by which the pursue justice, integrity, and mercy?  Would it not impact the passion in which they govern, the love they demonstrate for their constituents, the integrity by which the ward off bribery and politics as usual?  Would it not constrain them to appeal to the ultimate truth in all decisions, large and small, to make sure that this Divine Loving Creator is exalted in the way that they lead?  My contention is yes.  That truth matters far more than 2+2 = 4, because it is more than balancing budgets (far more); it is about living eternally while existing on this earth.  And when we live eternally, every decision we make is not based on its impact for now or during a particular elected term, every decision is based on whether or not this God of Truth is glorified.  And that really matters.


                Now, am I implying that America should be a theocracy? Or that we should exclude from the political process any who don’t believe like we do?  Well, I do not believe we should be a theocracy – no, no, no, a thousand times no.  Because you see if I did, the moment another religion outnumbered and outvoted my religion we would be doomed to follow that which is not founded on truth.  What I am implying is that what our politicians believe really matters, because what they believe will direct their decisions.  We don’t have to rule on biblical law if God’s law is in the hearts of our leaders.  We have debates on abortion, same sex marriages, euthanasia, politics as usual, political correctness, and a host of other things only because our leaders don’t believe in Truth. 

                 So Mr. President, I care what your faith is, but I know from your positions, your actions on some issues and your silence on others, from the language that comes from your mouth, and the things that make you laugh, that for sure you do not believe in Jesus Christ as the Way, Truth, and Life and the only way to the Father.   But it is precisely because you took positions in the campaign that clearly demonstrated that you were not constrained by the teachings of Christ and His Apostles, that you did not receive my vote.  Whether you are socialist, capitalist, for small business or big government, those are all secondary in my mind to the over powering reality that when Christ is not the center of your life, loving God and loving your fellow humans will not be the center of your justice.


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