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Saturday, September 4, 2010


“I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life! No one comes to the Father except through Me.”  John 14:6


                There are some passages of Scripture which are so defining, so powerful, so enlightening, and so profound that lifetimes are spent on a single verse and in the end, left wanting.  That should not be a surprise, since one word from the mouth of God created a universe that modern scientists, with all their sophistication, cannot fathom.  John 14:6 is such a passage.  So I will not explain it today, but maybe as a firefly on a pitch black night, I can be a flicker that causes you to explore.


                When Jesus said, “I am the Way. . .” He was seriously, genuinely declaring that there is a way of God, which His life embodied, and that if we want Life, we must also follow His Way.  No one describes this better in our modern world than Eugene Peterson in his book, The Jesus Way.  This book is worthy of every modern Christian’s read and reread.  It is one of the most profound books of this current decade.  Pick it up and read it, I cannot stand in the same arena as Peterson.  So let me move on to my topic of today.  “I am . . . the Truth”. 


                Truth is not something we believe in much anymore in our modern culture.  In academic circles it is backwoods to believe there exists absolute truth.  In fact, the only truth that is taught in our colleges today (and this is taught absolutely) – “There is no truth.”  So we hear pronouncements such as, “well it may be true for you, but I live by a different truth.”  But let me tell you, if there is a truth, then such pronouncements are the silly things that are wrecking our culture.  We set ourselves up to be deceived by any deception which comes along.  We are moved more by necessity of the moment, than by a character based on truth.  Deception has created “designer personalities” in which image, personality, and the packaging of those things are more important that character.


                Yesterday, I wrote of the importance of hating evil and sin – not for our own sake, not for the sake of the culture, but for the sake of the holiness of God.  But because we live in a culture which has rejected truth, it is a greater sin to judge what is evil than to do evil.  And the result is chaos in our land.  The Gunfight at the OK Corral was a defining moment in American history.  It is been written about, fantasized, romanticized, and euphemized as much as any other incident in American lore.  Four people were ultimately killed as a result of that battle.  Another event which has gleaned equal attention is the St. Valentine Day’s Massacre.  In that event, 8 people were killed.  Each event was deemed tragic and deplorable in its day.  But what about today, when our philosophers, text book writers, and academics say there is no truth (except “There is no truth”).  We witness each week hostages taken, lives lost, and villains killed because there is no singular truth upon which we can rest our value structure.   I am horrified to see that because our values have their feet “planted firmly in thin air” (Francis Schaffer), we are captive to whatever terrorists want to impose upon us (and make no mistake about it, from the tower on Texas University to the hostage crisis in the Discovery Channel each was an act of terrorism).  And all this is because we reject the notion that there is an absolute truth upon which we must base our lives.


                But God Himself said, “I am . . . the Truth.”  We don’t have to worry about defining good and evil, God has done that for us, and that is truth.  We become liberal when we want to make our truths fit our modern culture and we become legalists when we try to help God out by saying what “He really meant to say.”  When churches and theologians say, “We must study whether it is acceptable for practicing homosexuals to be ordained, or that abortion is acceptable, global warming is the most important task of the church, or whether euthanasia is crucial for dignity of life” they are rejecting truth.  On the other hand, when churches say, “no instruments are allowed, no dancing, no drinking, no Saturday worship, no make-up, no pretty clothes, etc.” they are merely legalists trying to explain what God really meant to say.  There are plenty of sins on both sides and both result in Christians rejecting the reality that Christ is Truth.  And so the chaos that is existent in a truth denying culture exists in His Church as well – not because He is not the Truth, but because His church rejects that reality.

                 The end result for those of us who believe Jesus Christ is Truth, is that believing that is the only way to the Father – not Mohammad, not Buddha, not Joseph Smith, not Hare Krishna, not any living or dead human being.  Only Christ is the Way to the Father.  And if we reject that truth, then we must not be surprised by Columbine, the Texas Tower, or the Discovery Channel.  For Jesus is standing on the walls of America today, with tears in His eyes saying, “America, America if you only knew this day what it is that would bring you peace.”


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