The Word
Sunday, September 12, 2010

“For the Word of God is living and active.  Sharper than any doubled-edge sword, it penetrates even to diving soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges thoughts and attitudes of the heart.” (Heb. 4:12)


                Before I begin today, let me say, “I love Glen Beck.”  I love his passion for America, the depth of his research, his patriotism, his fight against bigotry on the left and right, and his actions which back up his words.  He is a real hero for our way of life and for preserving the values of our founders.  Now that I have made that proclamation, let me just add, “Glen Beck is no theologian, and given the test would fail miserably.”  He makes proclamations of God which are political instead of true and he distorts the words of Scripture to fit his own ends.  There are a list of examples too numerous to cite, but there is only one we need to know.  He has read the Scripture and embraced Mormonism.  That contradiction is overwhelming to me.


                If you choose to follow Beck politically, that is okay.  But when Christians place the teachings of Beck on the right or Oprah on the left because they make political sense above the teachings of the Word of God, we will find ourselves in deep trouble, facing dilemmas that are not reconcilable.   You add the assaults of Beck and Wimphrey with that of the assaults of Islam and atheism; we find ourselves (as we always has been) under very unique assaults.  The Word of God does not need my defense, but in light of all that I need to say what is on my heart.  I want to lift up the Word of God particularly against the Book of Mormon and the Quran.


                The Bible is a fascinating Book even if your examination of it has nothing to do with belief.  It is a Book written by a multitude of authors, spanning a period of 1700 years in the writing, written in 3 different languages, on three different continents, and by people of different races.  It has stood the test of time.  People have been burned at the stake, killed by Lions, hung on crosses, and had their heads severed from their bodies with smiles on their faces because of the truths that are contained within.  It is written by kings, prophets, priests, farmers, poets, fishermen, doctors, lawyers, shepherds, generals, and tax collectors.  Its pages have been exposed to rulers for burning, to emperors for rewriting, and to academics who demean it.  Yet the Word of God still stands firm and tall – unedited, unchanged, and unamended.  And it all points to one overwhelming truth – our God is a reconciling God of extraordinary love and patience, who pointed to Christ from the beginning, came as Christ to save, and pointed back to Christ to demonstrate what He had done.


                Contrast that with the Book of Mormon.  It was written by one man (with plenty of proof of plagiarism) behind closed doors and any proof of its authenticity was supposedly destroyed by God.  It has been amended over 4,500 times and has changed to fit political realties the Mormons face.  Its content has been disproved via genetics.  Its author was a polygamist, plagiarizing rascal, who shaped a book surprisingly to reflect his own actions.  It began in bigotry and hatred and conveniently heard from God about revisions when such actions were politically challenged.  It claims to worship Jesus, but claims He is not God.  Therefore it advocates idolatry at the very core. 


                Much the same is the Quran.  It was written by one man (although over a much longer period in his life) and is filled with contradictions.  It does not contain the word love one single time, and as the man who authored it grew mean and cynical, so did his writings. 


                But maybe the most compelling argument of Scripture lies in its supernatural power.  I cannot explain it (and I don’t need to), but it transforms lives from lostness to a glorious peace and joy which can only come from knowing Christ.  It holds our hearts in the limelight of God and shines His light where evil once took up residence.  It pushes, shoves, and when followed literally causes the world to be a better place because of love.  It challenges an ethic which neither Christians nor the world can uphold, but if followed would mean everlasting peace for all generations.  There would be only people living for one another and the good of God.

                 Glen, I love you man.  You are a great American.  But oh how I wish you would spend the time studying that which is everlasting so that your power on earth would take on a Kingdom glow.


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