Hard Hearts
Saturday, October 23, 2010


“But when Pharaoh saw there was relief, he hardened his heart and would not listen to Moses and Aaron, just as the Lord has said.”  (Ex. 8:15)


                A few weeks ago, a dear friend (whom I have never met) gave me what he thought was a compliment.  He said, “You are a great political writer.”  I was stunned and ashamed -- stunned that my writings were perceived as political, and ashamed that I had been dishonoring the Lord in my effort to give Him glory.  And in reality, this is one of the principle reasons my writing has slowed down dramatically.  But as I reflect, I can see where my friend was coming from.  My personal goal in writing has always been to examine current events through Kingdom eyes (a Christian world view) and try to enhance our understanding of how authentic Christianity should look upon such events.  And in some dark corner of my mind, lies a resilient hope that somehow we will surrender to God’s will and make a difference in the events we call current.  So here I go again.


                In my morning reflection of Scripture, in a period of electoral frenzy, I see a very close parallel to the events of the Exodus and the current and on-going election cycles in America.  Now as you read this, be prepared for my very un-political correctness, for clearly I am not politically correct in my worldview.  I believe that God is still on the throne and moves all events to His great and ultimate purposes.  Some He orchestrates directly, others He allows, but in all cases, He is in control.  And my worldview reflects that.  Now to the process at hand.


                This election season, like so many before in my lifetime, Christians are energized to vote.  And we have been because we see the damages to our moral health and well-being becoming disastrously challenged.  However, this election cycle, I fear that morality is playing second fiddle to economics.  But even so, Christians are mobilized to make a change.  And that would be exciting for me, except that by attaining the ripe old age of 65, I have lived through many such energized elections, and with each one, ultimately the faith in Christ and obedience to Him diminishes and the state of our culture is becoming weaker, more evil, and less God-sufficient.


                When Ronald Reagan came to power, he was greatly benefitted by Christians who were alarmed by Supreme Court decisions which eliminated prayer in public places and schools, and allowed the murder of our unborn.  So we gathered our political muscle and elected a president who was unashamedly pro-life.  And then, like Pharaoh, we hardened our hearts, relaxed and let the more dedicated evil one take over.  So for 8 years, the political reality of prayer in schools did not change and the number of abortions grew.  Not because we elected a bad president, but because we elected a good man and then retired to our own desires.  Like Pharaoh, we hardened our hearts.


                The adulterous abuses of Bill Clinton and his very pro-abortion wife, both epitomized in the Surgeon General who loved to shock us with her anti-moral proclamations, aroused our indignity again.  This time we threw our weight behind a very evangelical Christian, who was an avowed pro-lifer, an open proclaimer of his faith, and a person who was obviously born again.  We put him in office, hardened our hearts, relaxed our commitment, and left him alone to fight the good fight.  We were energized slightly during his tenure by a plague upon our land – the mass murders of 9/11.  But like other events this did not last long, and now through our hard hearts, we have let love of God be diminished, obedience to Christ be politicized, and the faith in the One True God to be mocked in the public square.


                So we are energized again.  But this time it is very fearful.  It is fearful because we have been energized, but the apparent abandonment of God is very present in our energy.  Candidates we support are silenced in protection of marriage, in defending the unborn, in exalting Jesus Christ, and in holding up the higher moral ground.  Some (whom Christians fervently support) have hidden their faith from the public eye and have declared that a person’s faith should not be an issue in the public process.  And in order to get our way, we harden our hearts, turn our own backs upon God, and go for the lower political purposes.


                And the end results, I fear, will be tragic indeed.  In my lifetime, I have seen the value of human life be diminished to a point where we have earnest debates about when life begins, about the sanctity of marriage, about animal rights versus human rights, about sexuality versus morality, and about the propriety of faith in the public square.  And the results have been disastrous.  Human life has become so diminished that mass murders are simply a routine part of our evening news. (Remember how shocked we were when the first mass murder at the Texas University campus in the 1960’s killed 11 people).  Abortion has been put on the shelf of modern reality.  It is illegal to harm an eagle egg, but okay to kill a human child.  Marriage between a man and woman is ridiculed by people sitting in the pews.  People living together outside of marriage is common place among Christians; sex before marriage is expected; and divorce is no longer a topic allowed in our churches.  It seems that today, even among churches that the only people desiring to sanctify marriage are practicing homosexuals (although not for spiritual reasons).  And worshiping the One True God – forget it.  A NPR correspondent was fired this week by even mentioning he was afraid of Muslims.


                So, what happens on November 2nd will be of little accord.  If the energized Christians rise up and over throw those who hold office, their hearts will be hardened, the enemy of God will continue his work, planting seeds of destruction while we sleep, and 10 years from now the abuses we think horrible today will seem minor in comparison to the abuses we will be living in.  This will be only the part of the saga which ultimately led to the destruction of Pharaoh’s Egypt and of Ancient Israel.  First the Lord brings upon corrective pain, then we cry out to Him for relief, He gives us relief, and then we harder our hearts once again.


                And this cycle will continue until the day America lays waste in the historical bin of repetition.  We will be like the Egyptians at the bottom of the Red Sea or the Ancient Israelites in exile to a pagan land.  That is our plight, UNLESS, we put God at the center of our lives, work diligently (both in and out of elections cycles) to keep Him there; make obedience to Christ, which is discipleship more important that political correctness, and the Holiness of our God the very first petition of our prayers.

                 So Bill (my dear friend) here I go again.  But may I say that my hope lies not in being a good political writer, but to be a proclaimer of Christ in light of current events.

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