To Whom Much is Given
Tuesday, February 15, 2011


“To whom much is given, much is required.”  (Lk. 12:48)


                There is a story I tell often about a man who attended church for the first time.  As he sat in the pews, he began to squirm.  By the end of the service, his discomfort turned to rage.  He could hardly wait to get out of the church.  After the service, the friend who brought him, asked, “What is wrong?”  The man said, “I will never go back in there again.  Nor will I ever speak to you again.  That man (the preacher) knew all about me.  And he could only have known those things by you telling him.  He was preaching at me the whole sermon.”  The friend smiled, and said, “No, I didn’t say anything.  You see, sins are so common to us all that when a preacher preaches, we all get the same conviction.  It is their way of reminding us to take our sins to God.”  The visitor replied, “No way.  He was talking directly to me.”  And the friend responded, “I tell you what, come back next Sunday, but don’t come in the sanctuary.  Hide behind the door and listen.  And even thought the preacher won’t know you are there, you will feel like he is preaching directly at you.”  Finally, the man agreed to return.


                The next Sunday, the man entered the church house late so the preacher would not know he was coming and he sat behind the closed door leading into the lobby.  And the preacher began to preach.  Again, he was speaking in ways that the man felt he was being preached directly to.  So he began to feel a little more comfortable – until that is when the preacher proclaimed, “Children if you don’t quit sinning, the devil will come and get you, and if you don’t believe it, he is in the lobby hiding behind the door.”


                All that is to say, that after Sunday’s article, I received a lot of feedback.  People jokingly accused me of writing the article about them.  One even said, “I am going to start charging you for the ammunition I give you for your articles.”  But be on notice, I did not write that article for any one of you.  I wrote it for me.  I was responding to an admonition from a friend who told me on Saturday, “To whom much is given, much is required.”  He was referring to my lack of writing, teaching, and preaching.  And that I am not using my God given gifts to build His Kingdom.  Sadly, he is right.


                The secular world is a hard world in which to demonstrate Christ.  People cheat you in business; they revile you and say terrible things about you.  They kick you when you are down and lure you into their traps.  They take you to court, lie about you, do things that are almost impossible to forgive, and they put things in your pathway to make every day be filled with landmines set out to destroy.  They don’t pay their bills on time and leave you with little money to pay your own.  Their language is so abusive and foul you hate to speak with anyone, and they seem to dishonor God every chance they get.  And folks, it is in this environment we are on display.  It is in this environment we are expected to be Christlike and reveal His glory.  It is in this environment that much is required of us.


                It is far easier to be a preacher in this world than it is to reflect Christ in business, at the grocery store, and on the highways.  People (in some minor ways) still respect preachers enough to be guarded in their behavior around them.  But not so the Christian in the pews.  People think it is funny to try to shame you, to make you listen to their foul language, and to tempt you to do things you should not do.  And it is in those circumstances we are on display. 

                 And so when I write, I am most generally reminding myself of some passage that has struck close to my own heart and has convicted me greatly.  And because I become a victim of conviction, I suspect, like the man hiding behind the door, others feel the pain as well.  So let me just remind all of us, who have been given the keys to the eternal Kingdom, God has given us much, and to us much is required.  And make no mistake about it.  Today, you will be on display.

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