Blessed is Our View of God
Monday, February 21, 2011


“Blessed are the pure in heart for they will see God.” – A Beatitude


This past week, the United States House of Representative passed legislation which would effectively remove all tax dollars from Planned Parenthood.  This action of Congress set off a torrent of hype, pitting politicians against news media, friends against friends, family against family, and Christians against Christians.  And I confess, I even found myself getting into the fray.  There is probably no issue in America today that is more divisive than the issue of abortion.  And the reason it is divisive is because there is probably no debate in America today that is more important.


The debate is important on several levels.  And I cannot indulge them all.  But there are two levels in which every Christian must indulge.  The first, “Is an unborn child, created by God in His image, and thus loved infinitely by God?”  If the answer is yes, then abortion is the highest evil in our land, for what God sees as infinitely worthy, our laws have deemed totally unworthy.  If the answer is no, then be prepared for the politicians and opinion makers to define what life is important at every level.  If the unborn is unworthy of protection of life today, then don’t be surprised if you are deemed unworthy tomorrow.


The second level, which fuels this debate, is one where I want to park today.  And be prepared, if you don’t believe the Bible is the word of God, to be offended by what I have to say.  Let me quote a dear friend of mine (whom I have never met), Dallas Willard:  “I realize that I will either allow my view of evil to determine my view of God and cut Him down accordingly, or I will allow my view of God to determine my view of evil and will elevate Him accordingly, accepting that nothing is beyond His power for good.”  Let me put that in my terms and apply it to the abortion debate.  What you believe about God, will determine where you stand on this debate.  If your focus on sex outside of marriage (and this is the driver of more than 95% of all abortions) is that it should be permissible and protected, then the only way you can retain that view is to support abortion on demand – for where sex abounds, new life abounds.  However, if your view of sex is dictated by God’s Word, then you will hold to the sanctity of life and the sanctity of marriage.  And the unborn will be created by an act of love between a man and woman, and what is created from love will be protected with avengence.


When we embrace evil at any level, we can only do so by limiting God in our hearts and minds.  When we embrace God, making His thoughts our thoughts, His ways our ways, and His mind our minds, then we diminish evil in us and all around us.  This applies to murder at any level, our view of marriage, our view of property rights, our view of forgiveness, and so on.  But when culture takes its mind off God, then our prisons become full to overflowing, our marriages are in disarray, our children are raised in single parent homes, corruption of our leaders is expected, and corruption in businesses is viewed as necessary.  Banks which deal dishonestly and without integrity are bailed out by taxpayers who try to live their lives for God.  Politicians, who have no ethics, write laws for those who do have ethics.  Denial of the truth is part and parcel of the rhetoric which makes up debate.  All because evil is embraced and God is diminished.


The abortion debate is a debate only when our view of God and His word is diminished.  The marriage debate is a debate because we have put the view of human sexuality above our view of God.  The debate on almost any issue in our culture today is fundamentally a debate because we have pushed God far from our minds and called that a great freedom to be protected.  Abortion will not end in courthouses, hospitals and clinics, or in legislative bodies.  Abortion will end when culture places a higher view on God than we do our right to have sex, wherever and whenever we want, and without consequence.  When that evil is embraced, abortion will be the law of the land.  It has been embraced and it is the law of the land.

 The abortion debate and the debate on homosexual behavior are bell-weathers of a culture who place a higher view on sex than on God.  These views are so divisive because in these two cases, we are developing laws which embrace as right, what God calls wrong.  And the only way to side with laws protecting what God calls evil is to diminish God.

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