Friday, February 25, 2011


“May they be brought to complete unity to let the world know that You sent Me and have loved them even as You have loved Me.”  (Jn. 17:23)


I hate denominations.  Or maybe better put, I hate the disunity of the Body of Christ which creates denominations.  And I believe a case can be made that the constant splitting of the church plays a vital role in the splitting of families, marriages, businesses, or even government.  Because we pay so little attention to the Lord’s final prayer with His disciples – that we would always be one – what then would compel us to desire to be with the same spouse, remain loyal to our children and extended family, or even to customers, clients, and contracts?  Because we so freely have pulverized the Church, why would we ever believe that people could be united by a human document called a Constitution?  Because we pay such little regard to the divine, how could we ever expect human institutions to stand?

 I firmly believe that our disregard for Christ’s prayer for unity is a direct cause of our disregard of marriage vows, contracts, and loyalty to our leaders.  We simply hold God in such little regard  that disunity is played out in every aspect of life.  When people are willing to leave a church because of music, pastor, or color of carpet, they are demonstrating their disregard for Christ.  And conversely, when people are moved to stay in a church because of music, pastor, or color of carpet, without regard to biblical teaching, they too are demonstrating a disregard for Christ.  In other words, when Christ is no longer the central focus of a Church, disunity will abound.

The same can be said for marriage vows.  When people take Christ out of the marriage equation, little hope can be given to the stability of marriage or the faithfulness to vows.  Husband and wife live in a “monkey see, monkey do” world.  When the Church, which is founded upon the teachings of the Creator, His sacrifice, loving one another, and His call for unity, disregards that call, why would people held together by lessor bindings, have purpose to stay together. 


When businesses have little regard for Christ, what compels them to honor relationships and contracts?  When the Body of Christ has little regard for covenant relationships, how can we ever suspect businesses to have an inkling of covenant?  The Church has pulverized unity for the sake of following ideas and ideals which are outside of the faith and teaching of Christ – how then can it expect loyalty to of its members to contracts?


When a government so clearly founded on Christ as ours was, sees the disruption and disunity of the Church, why would we be surprised to see that same government be unable to bind people together by a human document called a Constitution?  The Church has trained the government well.  We divide instead of lovingly work out human differences.  And then we wonder why Christ has been thrown out of the public square.  We wonder why government so readily can be divided by unbiblical principles.  We wonder why school teachers, police, and firefighters believe rights are more important that responsibilities. 


All of these things were prayed against by Christ.  He knew that if the Church was not unified, there would be no reason for there to be unity in marriages, businesses, or governments.  Because when the world cannot see, “that God sent [the Son] and has loved them, even as He has loved [His Son]” it cannot see value in unity on any subject.


Yesterday was a road day for me.    As I traveled I took a break and listened to Dr. Laura.  What struck me is that all her callers were dealing with second, third, or fourth marriage issues.  Not one caller called to talk about saving the first marriage.  And twice during the show, Dr. Laura’s advice was divorce.  And she spent the first 15 minutes of her show defending the right to life and the defunding of Planned Parenthood.  She defended one biblical principle while denying the other.  Why?  At the deepest level, the Church has not born witness to the important of unity which in turn demonstrates the love of God.

 We have no anchors in our land except to follow our feelings.  Thus new denominations are formed almost daily.  And every time the church is divided, the world becomes weaker.  For the force of God is spread out thinner than butter on toast.  That is why Jesus said, “A house divided against itself cannot stand.”  And if God’s house cannot stand, how can we expect our marriages, businesses, and government to stand.

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