The World at War
Friday, March 4, 2011

“Let us throw off everything that so easily entangles, and let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us.” (Heb. 12:1)


The world is at war.  There is chaos in Egypt, Libya, Iran, Israel, Wisconsin, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Sudan, Ohio, Rhode Island, Congress, statehouses, and in your home town.  The world is at war, but now, there seem to be no battle lines.  Gone are the times when the wisdom of Lee is pitted against the cunning of Grant; or the strategy of Hitler against the will of Eisenhower.  There is no clear enemy, strategy, or battle line.  The world is simply at war and it doesn’t even know why.


The world is at war because of ideologies, as in the case of radical Islam.  The world is at war because of decadence against what is right as in the Mexican drug wars (I challenge that the voracious appetite for drugs in America is the fuel for the killing of over 15,000 Mexican citizens in the past few months).  The world is at war because rights have become more important than responsibilities, as in the case of government workers and elected officials shirking responsibilities to protect rights.  The world is at war because the world is separating itself more each day from the God of love, peace, and order.  Make no mistake about it; war of some nature will always be the order of the day, when there is a vacuum created by the absence of God.


To combat these wars, one thing is needed – a single-minded focus upon God.  We need to focus on the One, True God – not His blessings or not His benefits, but upon Him.  The writer of Hebrews says we must “throw off everything that hinders. . .”  Paul wrote to Timothy and said, “No one serving as a soldier gets involved in civilian affairs – he wants to please his commanding officer.”  Paul is talking about single minded devotion to God.  What these writers are telling us, is that when we are diverted by desire as in the cases of ideology which lays open the freedom to sin; or craving of drugs, pornography or pleasures which opens the doors for sex trade, drug trafficking, and abuse; or reliance upon politics which places human compromise as the highest good, war will be the order of the day.  They are talking about double-mindedness.  And James says that double-mindedness is a sign of instability in “all” that we do.


We are at war because we are double minded, and we will not find rational solutions outside of God.  The teachings of Christ, although presented over the ages by unworthy and sinful men, have been the beach head of stability in the world.  He gives us such perfect solutions to all our problems – seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness; glorify God in all we do; become a light upon the hill; turn the other cheek; walk the extra mile; love as He loved us; and living a life worthy of the Kingdom of God.


We are entangled by sins, and until we throw them off, we will remain at war.  We will see murder in our streets while cops are fighting for their rights; we will see children abandoned by their teachers; parents abusing and murdering their children; children being sold for the sexual desires of sinful men; border agents and innocent citizens killed because we cannot curb our appetite for drugs; dictators and anarchists seeking their own power and privilege above basic human rights; and politicians who fail to control their spending appetites as long as we embrace our sins and turn away from our Lord.

 The Church has its greatest challenge in the history of the world, because war has erupted in every quarter.  And the Church cannot fight that war as long as its members are double-minded and refuse to throw off the sin that entangles them.  Beach heads for righteousness and peace cannot be established.  And if there is no beach head (single minded devotion to Christ) there will be war and defeat of everything that is good in the world.


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