Saturday, March 5, 2011


Dear Friends,

Yesterday, during my prayer time, I heard a voice.  It said, "Will you re-commit to Me?"  Whether that voice was God or my half-dazed imagination, I do not know.  However, I do not want to take a chance.  I did pray a prayer of recommitment, but I need your help.

Currently there are only 103 people on my mailing list.  And whether they (you) read my writings or not, I do not know.  But for those of you from whom I do get feedback, I sense there is some value in my writing that God wants me to share.  So, I would deeply appreciate a letter from you with additional contacts who you think would benefit or be challenged by my writing.  If you could email me the addresses at, I will add them to my list, with a proviso that they can delete at any time.

Thank you in Christ for all your support to date.



Kingdom Road Ministries
PO Box 503
10 South Main, Suite 201
Victor, ID 83455

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