Trust in Horses and Chariots
Monday, March 14, 2011


“Some trust in chariots, some in horses, but we trust in the name of the LORD.” (Ps. 20:7)


                The other night I had a dream that won’t go away.  You know how some dreams you cannot remember past the time you wake up.  Others take you all morning to shake, while still others stay with you a lifetime.  And sometimes you dream a dream that lasts all night long.  You wake up, go back to sleep, and it is like you merely hit the pause button by waking up, because the dreams picks up right where you left it.  That is the kind of dream I had – one that lasted all night long, and will not go away.  And the dream had a phrase that will not go away:  “The more God you have, the less you need law.  The less God you have, the more you need law.”  I have never heard that outside of my dream, so I must take it that God was trying to tell me something.


                As I tried to rationalize the dream in my awakened state, I found it to be almost universally true.  Let me phrase the dream in the terms of the Psalmist.  If our trust is in chariots, horses, and men instead of God, then we must have laws to contain us.  But if our trust is in the name of the Lord God Almighty, then our goodness and righteousness that comes from that trust will not require much law to constrain us.


                We live in a land that almost unilaterally has shifted its trust from God to men and the results have been self-evident.   Let me cite just a few examples.  We have come to trust in the teachings of man instead of the teachings of Scripture and God regarding marriage.  The results have been broken marriages, single moms raising their children in poverty, 45% of our children being raised in single parent or non-biological parent homes, a soaring crime rate, prisons overflowing, and gang warfare.  And each of those statistics you can trace to men and women ignoring the principles of commitment, fidelity, and love and respect as outlined in Scripture.  And the result has been more laws to protect the single moms, more cops to chase down deadbeat dads, more children being sucked into the vortex of crime because they have no role models nor discipline (which in turn requires more laws), and more prisons to contain our burgeoning prison walls (which requires legislation and many, many tax dollars).  So the evidence of my dream is true – less God, more law (and lawlessness).


                Another example is all the laws dealing with our environment.  We have methodically ceased being the gardeners that God created us to be.  We have interpreted taking dominion as being given free rein to do with the planet as we see fit.  God has left our equation.  We no longer see the earth as God’s creation to be protected, nurtured, and yes used for benefits of all people.  Less God, more law.  We now have environmental laws that have reached absurd proportions.  Regulations prevent farmers from farming, ranchers from ranching, and builders from building.  The cost of environmental laws has made owning a home in some regions to be out of reach of the common man.  Animal rights advocates disregard Scripture and have assigned legal rights to animals, bugs, and tiny creatures that we do not give to our unborn created in the image of God.  Because we disregarded God and putting our trust in Him, environmental laws prevent us from providing life giving energy at as cost we can afford to our senior citizens and poverty stricken people.  Old people freeze in the winter, die of pneumonia, and other cold related diseases every year because environmental laws prevent exploration and development of our fuel rich land.  Why, because for too long we trusted in man instead of God, now we see the results – less God, more law.


                One of my pet peeves is that we have abandoned loving our neighbors as Christ loved us.  We have put our trust in horses, chariots, and men – in economics, government, and politicians – to provide for our fellow humans.  It began slowly with unfaithful Christians abandoning their scriptural obligations to tithe.  The churches then had to cut back on service programs, missions, and helping the poor.  And government was there to pick up the slack.  Now we have churches which support government programs, riot in the streets because of government cutbacks, and elect politicians who vow to do the job, that biblically they are called to do.  Less God, more law.  Hospitals are no longer built by churches and even when they are the cost of medical care rests on the government.   And these farcical “Christian” insurance programs keep those who are sick away from their protection.  Universities once founded by the church have been taken over by secularists who are firing professors who maintain that God created the heavens and earth.  Even some universities which contain the name of Christ teach there are many ways to heaven and some deny there even is a heaven.  And laws!  Now we have laws that are too voluminous to read (even read by those who must vote on it), too onerous for the ones who must pay the price, and too costly to sustain our nation.  And the results, I fear will be loss of our land, founded on the principles of God.  All of this is because we have chosen the ways of men over the ways of God. 

                 In the final analysis, and this has been true throughout history, when God is high and exalted in the culture, there is little need for law, but where God is substituted by horses, chariots, and teachings of men, the laws must abound.  Maybe it’s too late to turn this around, but it is up to each of us to give it a try.  If we choose no other reason to exalt God in our lives, to do so will give us freedom from the law.  For you see where our fruit (the fruit of the Spirit) is love, kindness, goodness, self-control, faithfulness, joy, peace, patience, and gentleness, against such things there is no law.  Do you want less law?  Try more God.

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