WWJB (What Would Jesus Be)
Wednesday, May 11, 2011


“Go and make disciples. . .” (Mt. 28:19)

                We all grew up with adages.  I remember Mrs. Hart was the best with zingers.  As I would stare out the school house window, wishing I was on a trout stream, a tractor, a football field, anywhere but in that classroom, I would hear, “Buddy, an idle mind is the devil’s workshop.”  But one that stuck in my mind was, “There are do-bees and there are be-bees,” meaning some people are doers, and some just exist.  And while I always thought that be-bees were inferior humans, I have come to find out that maybe they are the ones who have an inside track on life.  The life of discipleship, however, requires that we be both.


                The primary focus of church action is to make disciples.  That is Jesus’ command to us upon departing the earth.  For all you evangelists out there, I am not minimizing your gifts.  They are so important.  Without you, there would be no one to disciple.  Yet, Billy Graham will be the first to testify that evangelism, without discipleship, is really no evangelism at all.  And for all you who believe the church is to be a hospital ward, I don’t want to disparage you.  As long as healing is done in context of an infirmary for the Army of God, then certainly there is a role for healing in the church.  But the Church is weak in the world, not because we are doing too little evangelism; not because God is through with physical healing; but the church is weak, because we have forgotten our charge – “Go and make disciples.”


                This is where the be-bees and the do-bees come in.  You see, we so often try to imitate Jesus (do-bees) without really knowing Him.  The popular and enduring novel, “In His Steps,” as wonderful as it is, is a perpetuator of this myth.  Out of that book, comes the saying, “What Would Jesus Do.”  And the thesis of that book is that we must do what Jesus would do in the circumstances of our lives.  But, you see, that is impossible unless we know Jesus.  We must be like Him before we can follow in His steps.  It is impossible to seek first the Kingdom of God unless we make God the center of our lives as Jesus did.  It is impossible to turn the other cheek, walk the extra mile, and give the coat off our backs if we are more focused on winning, self-exaltation, and revenge than we are on “loving one another as Christ loved us.” (For a more detailed explanation of turning the other cheek, turn to the chapter, “Disarmed by Love,” in my book, Journey on the Kingdom Road.)  It is impossible to pray at all times unless we see prayer through the eyes of Jesus.  It is impossible to lose our life for His sake, unless we truly know Him in the depth of His character.  It is impossible to “love our enemies and pray for those who persecute,” if our hearts are hardened by the teachings of the world.  (I would encourage you to watch, “An Unconventional War”, a film of the Sentinel Group, to fully understand why this is important.) You see, doing what Jesus would do, must first come from a heart that is like Jesus’ heart.


                And some will be quick to add, but that is the job of the Holy Spirit.  When we give our lives to Christ, He must move in and do His work.  But if that is true in its simple form, why are there so many backslidden Christians (are the lusts and desires of our hearts stronger than God).  Why are there verses like, “Work out your salvation with fear and trembling;” or “make your bodies living sacrifices.”  That is because the role of the Holy Spirit is to point us to Jesus – to make Him compelling.  Our job is to seek Him with all our heart.


                Discipleship has the same root word as discipline.  Without the personal discipline to enter into a daily, moment-by-moment relationship with Christ, discipleship will not come.  We must learn who He is at the depth of His being.  For there, we will find a Christ that is so compelling that we will not, cannot live without Him.  Knowing Him intimately will cause us to respond in His way.  We must let the Spirit of God move deep into our innermost beings, and let His words transform our hearts.  We must be influenced more by the teachings of Christ than we are by political parties, social networks, news media, or entertainment outlets.  We must be willing to say that God is right in all circumstances and dig to find out why.  And as our lives are “transformed into the image of God’s Son,” then we will be able to respond by “doing what Jesus would do.”

                 Sadly churches today are so caught up in social work, sin management, or the miraculous that they have forgotten their mission.  The mission of the church is to “Go and make disciples.”  And the church that forgets its mission is destined to die.  So, let’s begin anew to be “be-bees” – to be like Jesus.  Then we will surely become “do-bees” – doing what Jesus would have us do in our world.

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