We Know and Believe
Friday, September 25, 2009


“Thomas said to Him, ‘My Lord and my God!’  Then Jesus told him,’ Because you have seen Me, you have believed; blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed.’” (John20:28-29)

                Yesterday I made a giant leap in my article – a leap from knowing the existence of God to knowing Jesus Christ as God who intervened in human affairs.  There are those who would be greatly critical that I claim to know as an absolute fact that God exists.  But even more that would be critical of making that giant leap to justify my Christian believes.  These critics would hang their criticisms on one of two arguments.  Remember I started my argument by saying that John used the word “know” 33 times in his first epistle – claiming that faith was based upon absolute knowledge.  But the critics would argue against that with these two arguments.

                The first argument would come from those who believe in God and maybe even call themselves Christians, but are strangled by the weeds and noxious vines of modern culture and daily pressures of life.  These critics would say that it was easy for John to say.  He was after all an eye witness to all that Christ had said and done.  But it is irrational for us to have that same knowledge centuries later when so much evil and heartache has transpired since.  These people cannot believe, because they have not seen.

                The second argument comes from the skeptics of divine revelation.  They would simply say, “John had an agenda.”  He was promoting a religion to further his own ideas of what should or shouldn’t be.  They believe that all of Scripture was written by human beings forging their own agenda.  And their agenda, they claim, is to isolate their group as the only ones approved by God.  And this very brand of exclusivity has inflicted far too much harm in the world.  Sadly, because they can point to historical events of religious abuse, they garner a great deal of support in the modern era.

                So then, my leap from knowing there is a God to knowing Christ came into the world from the eternal realm to seek and save the lost is laughable to these two groups.  But is my knowledge of God and Christ Jesus really laughable?  Let’s think about that for a minute.  If there is a God in heaven who created the entire universe and all of its contents, isn’t it reasonable to believe that He would care about the outcome of the universe.  Over the last three years I have been given the privilege of building a magnificent resort in East Texas.  Although many were involved, I was allowed day by day to mold it and shape it according to what I believed to be the best outcome.  And until the day I die, I will be concerned about the outcome of this resort.  Loosely said, “I created it, and I want it to succeed according to the vision of its creation.”  The same can be said of the baker who carefully chooses the ingredients of a cake.  He or she artistically blends the ingredients to their experienced specifications for a pre-determined outcome – to have a beautiful, tasteful creation to be enjoyed by its partakers.  How much more would the Master Creator care about the outcome of His grand creation – one that is still unfathomable for the greatest minds of the modern era.  So then it is not irrational to believe that this Grand Creator would care about the outcome of His creation.

                If God cares (and it is irrational to believe He would not) would He not want to reveal to His creation His character and His love?  And could there have been a better way to do that than to come and live among us, teaching us how to live and love one another, and then demonstrating the depth and breadth of that love by dying for us.  John was blessed because he was there and he knew.  But we can know if we will listen to God instead of the skeptics and to take the time to think through the totality of truth that God has revealed.

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