Rise of Atheism
Sunday, October 11, 2009

 Pastor Mark in seeking God ...

“If you seek Me with all your heart, you will find Me.  I will be found by you.” (Jer. 29:13) 

            In our modern world, we have plenty of access to atheistic writings.  Popular best sellers such as Atheist Universe: the Thinking Persons Answers to Christians, Portable Atheists, etc. , litter the secular book stores in our malls and city streets.  And while many worthy Christian thinkers and writers have tried to refute these bestsellers, they mostly come across as defensive.  And with each book against the reality of God, comes a new disciple of God’s enemy.  So I ask, why is atheism growing in popularity; why is it the only religion universally accepted in our academic institutions; and why are Christians so easily led away be atheistic teachings and writings?


            First, I believe atheism is growing in popularity in our land because it best fits our lifestyle.  The lifestyle most pleasing to us can best be seen in the commercials which contaminate our sporting events, the language we tolerate in our own lives and in others, the immorality which is taught in our government schools, the films we watch, the books we read, and even in the churches we attend.  Scholars which teach our modern pastors are made up of a mixture of God fearing men and women and scoffers of the faith which pays their salaries.  And poor unsuspecting seminary students are left to their own devices of which one speaks the truth.  Atheism is growing in popularity, because Christians are content to let it happen.


            Second, why is atheism the only religion universally accepted in our academic institutions?  Make no mistake about it, atheism is a religion.  It is a belief structure which deals with human affairs and eternal destiny.  Chance is its god, and eternal nothingness is its everlasting destiny.  So do not be persuaded that atheism is the only educational alternative to “separation of church and state.”  You see, there is really no interest in academia for “separation of church and state.”  Their agenda is separation of Christianity and its influence on culture. Note the acceptability of Native American religions, Greek mythology, and evolution in their teachings.  And the reasons that the academics accept atheism so readily are two-fold:  One, the atheism fits their lifestyle (see above).  And secondly, they make no attempt to know God but expend their energies in course work and philosophies which rely on His non-existence in history.  And as Scripture says, “Let it be done for them according to their faith.”  


            Third, why are Christians so easily led away by atheistic teachings?  The short answer is:  see 1 and 2 above.  Christians as a whole in America are light years away from the transformational Christians of the early Church.  They are cultural Christians.  That means they live in the culture, by the cultural morays, by the cultural teachings, and by the cultural values and are fearful of making a stand for their faith.  To be counter-cultural would risk friendships, public opinion, and in some cases even jobs and livelihoods.   But mostly, being a Christian goes against the grain of public attitudes and opinions.  So we quietly say to ourselves, I have my own faith and have no right or interest in sharing it with others.  And why should I spend energies defending something that is really private?  That may sound really good, but it weakens the opportunities for future generations to experience Christ in ways that will transform them into goodness and holiness and help them enter the Kingdom of God where there is power, peace, joy, and righteousness.  They begin to seek the gods of TV, easy living, and materialism which causes marriages to be destroyed, children to be aborted, substance abuse to be common, and morality to be defined by popular opinion.


            It is easy to talk about problems.  But solutions are what we need.  And the solution is God.  He is real; He is the Creator; and He is available to all who would seek Him.  If the professors and writers would seek knowledge of God with the same intensity they seek to disprove Him, they would find Him and thus find purposes for their existence.  If we as everyday Christians would be as intense of seeking God as we are our other life pursuits, we would find Him.  If we would ask, seek, and knock, God would reveal Himself to us in such beautiful ways.  I believe that at the most fundamental level the reason atheism is rising is because Christians have quit showing the true Christ – the Christ of love, grace, service, giving, and sacrifice.  All the opponents of Christianity see is wars in the churches, legalism from the loud, and immorality among the believers.  Why would they believe that our faith works to transform the world for goodness and peace?

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