Joyful Living
Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Law of the Lord is perfect, reviving the soul.” (Ps. 19:7)


                Most Christians yearn to find a life that is fully respectful of our Creator, mindful of our purpose, and is joyful  in daily living.  We often get these things out of balance and find we lose either our spiritual moorings or we become joyless in trying to please God.  And when that happens, frustration begins to overtake our souls often resulting in deep feelings of failure in our life with God.  How can we find the balance of life that God intends which will be glorifying to Him, help us achieve our created purpose, and yet find the joy intended for us by the God who came to give us abundant life?


                The answer to the dilemmas can be clearly seen in a few places throughout Scripture, but no place more poignantly presented than in the 19th Psalm.  Let’s take a look at this joyful song of David to see the answer to our question.  The Psalm begins where all answers to life questions must begin.  It begins with a very high view of God.  David opens this magnificent work praising God with his whole being.  He looks into the heavens on a starry night and sees clearly, “The heavens declare the glory of God. . .” and in the open daylight, “the skies proclaim the work of His hands.”  And for David, this isn’t a moment in time realization.  He ponders this glorious God continuously.  “Day after day, they pour fourth speech; night after night they display knowledge.”  David joins with all creation in his song – singing the praise and glory of God.  A joyful life begins in coming to the understanding of this magnificent, glorious God we serve.  And then seeing ourselves as someone God loves infinitely begins to have a very powerful meaning.


                The results of this for David are a revived soul, a joyful heart, light in the eyes, a taste sweeter than honey, and a life filled with rewards.  When David gets caught up in praising God the natural outflow is meaning and purpose in his own life.  He sees the law, not as repressive, but as that which God gives us to revive our souls.  He sees each word of the Scriptures as making our simple minds wise.  He understands that the very principles of life handed down by God are the only things that will bring joy to our hearts.  He understands that the pure and perfect law of God is radiant – giving us a light in our eyes to walk through the minefields of this life.  And he understands that there are life giving rewards for walking on that path.  As we read the psalms, we can never separate abundant living and living in the present.  David and his fellow writers never considered God’s grace to be found only in heavenly reward.  He gives for this life on earth.


                And the final step of this process is right living.  We don’t have to worry about those things which are an offense to God, because the desires of our hearts align with the desires of God’s heart.  We want what God wants.  The words of our mouths and the meditations of our hearts will be pleasing in God’s sight.  Therein lies the key to the kind of disciplined life that brings glory to God, fulfills our created purpose, and fills our own life with the abundance of joyful living that He wants for us.  Live your life with a high view of God and praise Him morning and night, and He will in turn fill your heart with joy and the desires of your hearts will become the desires of God’s heart – and joy is in the heart of God.

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