Seeing the Kingdom
Friday, November 6, 2009

“Jesus said, “I tell you the truth, no one can see the Kingdom of God unless he is born again.” (John 3:3)


                There is a very sharp and clear distinction between how devout followers of Christ and non-Christians or nominal Christians view world events and matters of ethics, morality, and righteousness.  And this goes far deeper than the political distinctions of modern times.  Evangelical Christians simply see things differently.  And the reason is that we look beyond the physical realm and into the spiritual realm to find the deeper meaning of issues and world events.  In the book of John, there are several instances where we see this distinction.

                In Jesus encounter with Nicodemus, Jesus told the Jewish leader he could not see the Kingdom of God unless he was born again.  Nicodemus looked at the physical and asked Jesus how could he possibly return to his mother’s womb to be born again.  Jesus was talking about a spirit issue of highest importance.  He was telling the Pharisee that unless he was born of the Spirit of God it would be impossible for him to see anything that Jesus was talking about.  And what Jesus talked about was the Kingdom of God.

                And then there was the encounter between Jesus and the woman at the well.  Jesus was telling her about spiritual refreshment (water that never runs dry), but she could only think about physical water.  Because she was not born again, she just could not see into the realm of which Jesus was teaching.  And then there was the feeding of the 5,000.  Jesus introduced them to a Living Manna which would nourish their eternal souls, and all they could see was a man who could produce lots of bread, so they wanted to make Him king.  Jesus was talking about a spiritual food which would last into eternity and they could only see bread which would last to the next meal.  Peter saw Jesus as an earthly king, but Jesus tried to direct the fisherman to think about the eternal Kingdom.  Jesus talked about the Vine which would produce great fruit for the world, but the disciples could only see a grapevine that would produce a beautiful wine for the evening meal.  On and on we see that Jesus tries to take us beyond the physical (where things will rust , rot, and be stolen) to the spiritual which is eternal and can never be taken away.

                And you see, that is why we see things differently.  We see the unborn as part of God’s eternal plan for His creation, the world sees them as a result of a physical act.  We see lives of people being defined by their relationship to God, but the world sees life defined in terms of sexuality, race, national origin, or religion.  We see happiness as a product of seeking God with all our hearts.  The world defines happiness in terms of material gains, relationship satisfaction, or leisure pursuits.  And because we see things so differently the world and the born again Christians will always take different approaches to solutions to problems.  Jesus wept over Jerusalem and said “if you only knew that only I can bring you peace.”  Jesus still today is the only answer – not weapons, not political and territorial solutions, not education or social interaction.  Only people, who are born again, living out the love of God in their lives, can see the solutions of world peace.

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