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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

“The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, all who follow His precepts have good understanding.” (Ps. 111:10)

                The morning news is grim today.  Lingering bickering about the “health care” bill, the rising national debt, missing moms, belligerent dictators, peace officers killed, and an actress who seemed to have it all, died at the age of thirty-two are the stories which make it to our consciousness this period of Christmastime.  And if you abuse yourself with morning news programs, you will find there are abundant opinions about each topic, most of which differs from the others.  So we walk away, frustrated and upset.  How are we as Christians supposed to believe about the international, social, and moral issues of our day?  Are these issues simply too complex to understand, so that we must rely on the opinion of others?  Or do we have an obligation under Christ to have and exercise our opinions?

                The issue is two pronged in our culture.  First, we must know about the issues – but even Christians disagree.  Why is that?  It is my opinion that most people who call themselves Christian have opinions and ideas that are shaped far more by the talking heads of media than by God’s Word and prayer.  And because of that popular opinion shapes the thoughts of denominational leaders, pastors, and local church leadership in direct opposition to the Word of God.  Our focus becomes political parties instead of the One True God in whom there is no separation.  He is the same yesterday, today, and forever.  And so we each read the papers, watch the news programs, and hear the coffee shop opinions, and those shape how we believe about the issues involved.  Because of that the Christian opinion is divided. 

                But you see, the fear of the Lord must be the beginning point.  It is the fundamental basis of how we should shape our opinions.  We don’t go to God’s Word looking for answers on health care.  We begin with a real fear of the Lord, worshiping Him, praising Him, loving Him, and adoring Him.  And in the midst of the process, God’s direction begins to emerge in our hearts.  We are moved by wisdom instead of by the unstable opinions of the media and even friends who have no fear of the Lord.  We cannot know God’s will, until we know God.  We cannot know God’s will about public responsibility versus individual responsibility unless we study about God.  We cannot know the universe without wisdom concerning the Creator of the Universe.  All opinions, as learned as they may sound, are merely educated guesses based on cultural bias without the fear of the Lord.  So Christians differ, because we start from different points and sadly, most of those starting points are not God.

                Secondly, we don’t understand the complexity of the issues facing us because we don’t follow what we know about God.  Notice the psalmist said, “all” (that means everyone) “who follow [God’s] precepts have good understanding.”  You see, we don’t have wisdom, because we don’t have a genuine fear of God, and we don’t have understanding because we refuse to follow the precepts of God.   I am convinced that our culture is willing succumbing to the whims of our government because we Christians have ceased following the precepts of God.  We have laws honoring same sex marriage because Christians refuse to acknowledge what God has to say.  We kill our unborn, because we refuse to follow the precepts of God concerning sanctity of human life.  We throw off our personal responsibility to care for our aging and infirmed to the government, because we refuse to take heart to what God places squarely on our shoulders.  We simply don’t understand, because we don’t follow God’s precepts.  (In case you are wondering what precepts means, it is used 24 times in the Hebrew Scriptures and is the Hebrew word “mitzvah” which in every case means the commands of God.)  We don’t understand because we don’t follow the commands of God.  That is why members of Congress who claim to be Christian can vote for the wanton slaughter of our unborn and cram it down our throats as law.  They don’t understand, because they put political ideals above the commands of God.

                So what are we to do?  It must begin with each Christian commitment to attain wisdom and that cannot happen without a fear of the Lord.  We must fill our churches on Sunday and insist that our church leaders are fearful of God and His Word and that every sermon of the pastor, every edict of the board, every governing idea of the church begins with fear of the Lord.  If we don’t do that, we will be willing guided by that which is not wisdom.  And secondly, we must demand obedience to the commands of God so that understanding will prevail.

                If you are upset about what you read in the newspaper or saw on TV this morning, ask yourself, “Do I truly fear the Lord, and do the people who influence my life truly fear the Lord.”  If not, then wisdom will not prevail.  And then ask yourself, “Do I truly follow the commands of God and do those who influence my life truly follow His commands?”  If not there will be no understanding.  The command of Christ and Scripture is to genuinely fear God and that is because only there will we find true wisdom and understanding.

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