The Power of Faith
Saturday, December 26, 2009


“Jesus said to him, ‘Receive your sight, your faith has healed you.” (Lk. 18:43)

                The power of faith is the most unharnessed power on earth.  It can restore sight to the blind, freedom for the lame, it can move mountains, and it can bring life out of death.  As I write, and maybe as you read about faith, I spiritually know what I write is true, but sadly I have to admit my faith does not yield the kind of biblical power that is contained on almost every page of Scripture.  We read of the kind of faith of Abraham, Moses, David, Elijah, Paul, and the post-Pentecostal apostles.  And we believe what the Scripture says is true, but that only causes us to question our faith and our commitment.  Has faith in our time lost its power?

                 I can answer that with a resounding no.  The problem is we have lost our faith in faith.  So the real question is, “If faith can still be exercised with such power, why is faith so diminished today?”  I think there are two reasons which can be readily cited.  First is an issue of reliance.  We simply have placed our reliance on other things.  How many times have you heard, “Well, the doctors have done all they can.  There is nothing left to do but pray.”  We rely more on our medical profession than we do upon God, and in most cases, pull God out only as a last resort.  Or we rely more on money than we do upon God.  Money (or the love of it) the Bible calls the root of all evil.  Yet pursuit of money in America far exceeds the pursuit of God.  Somehow, we believe that either with money can solve our problems or make us happy.  Thus, we lay down all semblance of faith in order to make more money.  Then there is the reliance upon politics.  You see, since we believe that money is our answer, then we decide we need a government which will supply it with unending supplies (without thought of where that supply comes from).  We go to government to cure the problems that exist in our culture, instead of taking moral responsibility upon ourselves.  And then there is education.  Education is the panacea that many see as the cure world problems, because if everyone was properly educated, then there would be no oppression or hunger.    Yet, education always follows a philosophy of who is in charge of the politics and money.   So reliance upon something other than God has caused us culturally to diminish the power of faith.

                But we don’t rely upon God because we have diminished who God is.  Therein lies the primary reason that faith has lost its power.  No longer do we believe with Paul, “God is able to do immeasurably more than all we can ask or imagine.”  We have tried to diminish Him in our schools, our government, our business, and in medicine, so it is no wonder He has been diminished in our hearts.  We have not only prohibited God from these institutions, but we have provided our youth with no replacement means of filling their lives with God.  Church attendance is at an all time low.  Sunday School attendance is almost non-existent in most churches outside of the South today.  Small groups have become the cure all for churches, and in many cases these groups rely upon human teachings and human support as a replacement for faith.  We no longer pray biblical prayers in our churches – prayer lists look more like a hospital board than New Testament prayers.  Messages from our pulpits are people exalting, people pleasing, and people satisfying more than they are God glorifying.  Last week I saw a video entitled, “How Great is Our God.”  How sad that video has seen little of the light of day compared to the mega-church pastor’s money making schemes of video-based programs. 

                Faith in God is not diminished.  The problem is it is on the back burner.    Politics, money, education, and medicine will not replace Him.  It is true that some politics is based upon Scripture, but except in radical nations that is unacceptable.  And true, education began with God, but has now moved to be void of learning about Him.  Mainly these things are inventions of humans and what humanity has invented, God will not allow to replace Him.  Only faith in the omniscient, omnipresent, omnipotent, and unchanging God will cause faith to return to its power.

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