Aliens and Strangers
Monday, December 28, 2009


“Since you call on a Father who judges each man impartially, live your lives as strangers here, in reverent fear.”  (1 Pt. 1:17)

                A couple of days ago, I took my granddaughter to spend the day with a friend.  Their home was one to behold.  It has a price tag of over $20 million dollars; a view of the Jackson Hole ski area and the Grand Tetons alike; ponds, both outdoor and indoor; fireplaces in almost every room; brick lined driveway, and a glass elevator to take you from one of the four floors to another.  Even in the world’s richest county, this is an extravagant home.  For just a moment, the question comes creeping in, “Lord,  why haven’t you blessed me like that?”

                But that question doesn’t linger.  Because, it seems, that no matter how much the Lord blesses materially, it is never enough for us human types.  For when we seek to find our joy in this world, the joy will only fade with familiarity.  And even if we did find joy in our worldly possessions they are at best only temporary.  Have you ever noticed that no matter how physically attractive a Hollywood starlet is (take Tiger’s wife for example) possession of them is never enough for the men in their lives.  Jennifer Aniston is called America’s Sweetheart, but she wasn’t enough for Brad Pitt.  Simply put, lasting  joy does not come in this world.

                That is why Peter insists that we are only aliens and strangers in this world.  In fact, 3 times in his first epistle, he refers to us as aliens or strangers or both in this world.  This is a common theme for Christianity.  We will never find comfort here.  Only a fleeting sense of accomplishment until the new wears off and then the quest begins again – new home, new car, new spouse, and new excitement.  The one thing about strangers, they are never comfortable in their environment.  They don’t belong.  And if they do adapt and become strangers no more, then the discomfort will be of a different type.  The discomfort of a fading glory will overwhelm us.

                This is a new year.  Change your definition of happiness from “having what you want,” to “wanting what you have.”  Find your joy in the only One who is eternal and can provide the filler for the hole in your heart.  Become a stranger in the world.  Look to your church for joy.  Take all your trials and count them as pure joy, knowing God is bringing you to maturity in Christ Jesus.  Serve God on earth but look forward to the Place where you will be no stranger.  This year, adopt a needy family or child, take a mission trip, give your full tithe to the church and then offer up a little more, work in a Christian charity, or make a vow to visit the nursing home daily.  In those places you will be storing up your treasures in the Land where you will never be a stranger.

                Happy New Year from Bud and Margaret.

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