Saturday, February 13, 2010


“Holy Father, protect them by the power of Your name  -- the name You gave Me – so that they may be one as We are one.”  (John 17:11)

                We humans find many ways to dishonor God, but I believe one of the most dishonoring things we do is live in disharmony with our brothers and sisters.  It is seen bitterly in political bouts between “believers”; it is seen in the multitude of Church denominations and church splits; it is seen in family feuds; and it is seen in business relationships.  And when brothers and sisters live in disharmony, we dishonor God.

                One of the great ways we dishonor God in our land today is the disharmony in Washington D.C. -- supposedly by brothers and sisters in Christ.  They viciously attack one another and have created an atmosphere where stagnation is the rule of our land.  I don’t like to weigh in on politics, but there is a crescendo of hate in our government that demands a Christian voice.  There is much politicians in our land could agree on, no matter what their philosophy or ideology about how government should operate.  Yet the focus is on the disagreements.  And when that is our focus the divide becomes wider.

                Take health care for example.  As Christians, we would all agree that health care should be available to all who seek it; that costs should be as low as possible; and that all providers be they hospitals, professionals, insurance companies, medical equipment suppliers, pharmaceutical companies, lawyers, and technicians should work and price their goods and services in a way that is ethical and productive.  For if only one of these providers is out of sync, then the upward spiral of pricing begins.  And we could all agree that preventative health care is an act of love for us as individuals to avoid additional burdens on the system.  That means watching what we eat, drink, or otherwise indulge in.  It means driving responsibly, and not taking unnecessary life risks to the burden of others.  All of that is “mere Christianity” at work.  And I believe that would be a good place for politicians to start. 

                But what about the church?  How can churches honor God in our relationships?  This is possible only when we are united together in common beliefs.  And to have common beliefs, we must have common denominators.  We have those in Christ Jesus, Scripture, and the uniting power of the Holy Spirit.  But the moment that Christians start down different paths, then disharmony begins.  When Christ is viewed as less than fully God, the only way to eternal life – there will be division.  When Scripture is not the truth upon which all Christian belief is built – there will be division.  When popular speakers and teachers, denominations, or creeds take the place of the Holy Spirit as our uniting force – there will be division.  Division causes pain, and outside of the family, there is no pain more painful than division in the church. (That is why I emphasize so regularly that eldership is ssential to the Church.  They must be the protectors of the Centrality of Christ, the Authority of Scripture and the unity of the Holy Spirit.)

                And then there is the family.  How deeply sad it is that children dishonor their parents; that parents frustrate their children; that money divides familial bonds; and that forgiveness is not in the forefront of daily prayers.  And I can assure you that the majority of the modern pastors’ time is spent in intervening because Christ is not the center of families. 

                We must return to unity to honor God, for if God is not honored in our lives, our families, our churches, then how in the world can we believe He will be honored by the politicians, who, live lives of disharmony.  How sweet it is when brothers agree to walk together.  And that must begin with each of us seeking to be at peace with each other – no matter what the personal costs.  Remember that prayer of Christ came at a great personal cost.

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