Love of Money
Tuesday, February 16, 2010


“For the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil.” (1 Tim. 6:10)

                I spend a great deal of time traveling down the roads of America and one of my favorite time passers while driving is listening to good sermons.  I particularly love R.C. Sproul, John Piper, Alistair Begg, and an occasional dose of Chuck Swindoll.  However, to get these guys when I need them I must download their messages on my iphone and then play them back.  And when I forget to download new messages, I am stuck with listening to Christian radio.  And stuck is the right terminology.  I am repulsed by what passes for “Christian” in today’s marketplace.  Christian radio is now pop psychology, financial management, and health issues.  How far we have wandered from the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

                Yesterday, driving across Kansas, my options were two programs on financial advice; one was people calling in for advice in repairing their unfaithful lives; one on Christian entertainment (music which exalts the singer instead of Christ); and a couple that sounded more like country western music than gospel or true worship music.  Yes, I will acknowledge that Christ meets people where they are, but no, He does not want them to stay there.  After 30 minutes of surfing XM, Sirius, and FM stations, I turned back to Fox News and said sadly, “I hate Christian radio.”  Maybe what I hate the most is the abundance of “Christian” financial counseling that given in the name of Christ.

                For the most part, the Christian god is not Christ, it is money and our love of money.  Even though Jesus taught about the impossibility of serving Him and money at the same time, and Paul calls the love of money the root of all kinds of evil, we continue our love affair with the dollar.  There is even the ever popular “prosperity gospel” that is packing churches across our land.  I doubt that Jesus, who had no place to lay His head; nor Paul, who spent more time behind bars than he did preaching the gospel would find much humor in anything remotely resembling prosperity as a result of “picking up our crosses and following Him.”

                The gospel of Jesus Christ is good news – really good news.  It is not news about a temporary fix for our materialistic appetites.  It is the news about the love of God, while we were still sinners, dying a sacrificial death, that we might have life.  That is eternal.  If anyone is so dull as to believe that money has any eternal value I would ask them to pause and ponder the lives of people who have made a fortune.  Are they really happy?  Or consider the turmoil losing a lot of money and the impact it has on people.  Seldom do we hear stories of janitors jumping out of high office windows because they got a pay cut or laid off.  Yet every bad day of the stock market litters the streets with bodies of those who lost their fortunes.

                The love of money is the root of terrorism, poverty, many a marriage failure, and family feuds.  How many times have you witnessed people going to war because they love Jesus Christ (not a religious ideology)?  How many marriages have you seen destroyed because both people are committed to loving God with all their hearts, minds, souls, and strengths?  How many times have you seen government starve a segment of its population because of the love of Christ or the gospel (again, not religious ideology)?  Yet, the love of money is rooted deeply in those things.  And Christian radio, promotes this all consuming love of money. 

                Let me leave you with an experiment.  Pick any Christian organization you choose, and give them $50.  Now sit back and monitor the guilt letters, phone calls, and emails you receive from that organization – all saying you must give me more so that God can do more work through me.  The love of money has permeated Christianity, and money has become the god we serve.  We must get back to the gospel to save our churches and the people who populate the pews, because only the gospel is the power of life unto salvation.

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