Hybrid Christians
Tuesday, March 2, 2010


“Now Lord, consider their threats and enable your servants to speak your word with great boldness. . .   After they prayed, the place where they were meeting was shaken.  And they were all filled with the Holy Spirit and spoke the word of God boldly.”

                Shortly after the attacks of 911 there was a great patriotic explosion in our lands.  Flags appeared in lawns, on vehicles, and even waved in the corner of some TV news casts.  My church in Wyoming was no less affected by this surge.  In the front of the church were two flags, the Christian flag on the left and the American flag on the right.  One night, someone stole a flag – you guessed it, the American flag.  And the congregation was in horror that someone would steal the  American flag.  I was in horror that the Christian flag was not worthy even of a crook to steal.

                There is nothing wrong (in fact much is right) with patriotism.  However, Christians in American have used our heritage in many ways as a replacement of our faith.  We have made our prosperity part of the gospel; we have made our democratic principles part of our church governance; we have made our lifestyle choices as demands upon the faith; and we have our health care the number one priority for God to manage.  In short, Christianity in America is no longer true Christianity, but a hybrid of our American heritage and the Christian faith.  We are now hybrid Christians.

                A hybrid as you know is a cross of two species.  We have hybrid animals, plants, fuels, and now automobiles.  And the purpose of this hybridization is to enhance the quality of the originals.  Even in Christianity we find in Romans 11 a detailed analysis of how we are Jewish hybrids – grafted into the rootstock of Judaism.    But to believe that there is any way we can enhance the perfect faith of Christianity is to take that which God died for and cheapen it unto worthlessness.  We must never allow our faith to be a hybrid of other religions, philosophies or political ideals.  It must stand alone and the very center and core of our lives.

                The above passage may seem an odd one to launch the thoughts of hybrid Christians, but let me explain.  Peter and John had just been apprehended by the authorities for healing a man in the name of Jesus.  Before being released they were told to no longer preach in His name.  When Peter and John went home to the church they reported all that was told to them.  And the prayer of the church was that God would enable them to speak boldly about Christ in spite of the admonition of the leaders.  Contrast that to our hybrid Christian response.  The government (American government) tells us we can no longer pray in our schools, games, public events, and in the public square.  The response of hybrid Christians is to meekly comply and remove prayer from the core of our lives.  Brite Divinity actually joined hands with the atheists who wished to have prayer removed from the Tarrant County jails.  TCU (remember it used to stand for Texas Christian University, no longer prays before games in the name of God the Father (they use terms such as Holy Essence), the Son, or the Holy Ghost.  We are hybrids.  We suppress Jesus Christ so some principle of government can be sustained.

                We are hybids when it comes to our prayers.  I continuously urge Christians to examine the New Testament prayers – to study their passions and the contents of those prayers.  They did not pray for employment, healing, comfort, and money.  They prayed for obedience, boldness to preach and speak the gospel, the furtherance of the Kingdom, wisdom, knowledge, grace, perseverance in suffering, courage, and power.  I would urge my readers to all look at the prayer lists of your respective churches and see if your church practices true Christianity or hybrid Christianity in what you pray for.

                We are hybrids when it comes to how we worship.  Recently our church had some beautiful tenors singing their hearts out.  They concluded with a powerful rendition of “How Great Thou Art.”  I was so moved I wanted to fall on my face and worship (but I did not because of my hybrid decorum).  After the tenors were exiting from the chancel area, the pastor asked them for an encore to which they responded to a moving version of America the Beautiful.  And to my shock, the entire congregation rose to their feet in respect for their country.  And that was appropriate – but not one person (including me) stood, fell on their faces, or raised their hands during the beautiful hymns of our great God.  We are all hybrid Christians.

                And we are hybrid Christians in the way we live.  We miss church for vacations, football games, family time, recreation, illness, or just plain relaxation.  Yet the same people who do those things would never miss work or school for the same purposes.  We honor our jobs, our education, and our responsibilities far more than we honor our God.  We are hybrids.

                Yesterday’s news was filled with horror – horror of a beautiful young girl missing in California and a sex offender arrested, news of missing young women on the east coast, news of body parts being found in Canada and news of murders all over our land.  There was news of lying politicians, lying school teachers, and lying business leaders.  And if a survey were taken, I will bet that all the liars, all the killers, and all of the victims of them all call themselves  Christians.  And I can tell you that is a direct result of allowing ourselves to become hybrid Christians.

                Let us return to being the Church above all else.  If we want to preserve the values of America it will not be done in halls of legislation where lobbyists, greedy politicians, and fearful wimps make our laws and spend our money; it will not be done in our courtrooms where judges fear the word of God; it will not be done on Fox News or by Katie Curic.  Preserving our values must begin with Jesus Christ and His Word.  We must live first for Christ, speak His name boldly, and in every sense be pure Christians.  And when we do those things, God will give us the America of our forefathers.   Let me conclude by paraphrasing C.S. Lewis,   “Aim at Christ and you will get America thrown in.  Aim for America and you will get neither.”

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