Monday, August 24, 2009

Dear Friends,

Africa is now in our cross hairs.  We have accepted an invitation to go in May of 2010.  Our journey is to Kisii, Kenya, where we will be assisting a group of believers form a new church, build their faith statements, and set them on a biblical footing, centered on Christ.  The invitation came over a year ago, but a faltering economy delayed our ambitions for 18 months.  Now we are ready.

For all of you on my email list, these trips do not come free of burdens.  We need prayer and financial support and even volunteers who would like to join us.

I have included many of you on the mailing list.  If you would like to be removed, just let us know.  This ministry is not about guilt trips, but about building the Kingdom of God.  If you serve all you can in other areas, we undersatnd and support your decisions.

Keep us in mind as you pray for God's moving in your lives.  Donations can be made to First Christian Church, Athens, Texas, memo posting to Bud Surles Mission Fund.

Thank you to all who have already began to set aside your resources for this trip.

Kingdom Road Ministries
PO Box 503
10 South Main, Suite 201
Victor, ID 83455

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