Political Correctness
Monday, March 15, 2010

“Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites!”  (Mt. 23:13)

                When I first entered seminary I was in for a rude awakening.  I looked forward to three years of God focused, God centered learning, studies, worship, and practical applications for ministry.  Instead I was confronted with people centered, people focused, God slamming, God denying teachings.  The most important issue in those days was political correctness, shrouded in a phrase called “inclusive language.”  This language did away with God as a “He”, Christ as the “Son” and any masculine references as a general label.  No longer were we able to use such terms as B.C. (before Christ) because that might offend people in other religions.  It must be B.C.E (before the coming era).  Isn’t it strange that a “Christian” seminary would be ashamed of Christ and ashamed to make Him the center of its teachings?  They were tolerant of homosexual behavior, abortion on demand, blasphemy, and sloth, but woe to the student who believed Christ to be the only way, the bodily resurrection, and the Scripture was the word of God – and a double woe on the one who would call God, “He.”

                We live in a world of political correctness.  That means that politics of the day rules how we can talk, who can say what, and how it can be said.  For instance, labels on groups is established by the politics of the day and if you are insensitive to that you can lose credibility and in some cases jobs.  Indians must be Native Americans, Mexicans must be Chicano, Latino, or Hispanic (don’t use the wrong one), and Negroes must be African American, Black, or the oppressed minority.  God must be neutered, Muslims must be exalted, and terrorists must become a misunderstood group of the oppressed.  But any of those groups are free to call  white people, “whitey, howle, gringo, bubba, or bigot.”  And it also matters which group you are in when you use those terms.  If you are a Democrat you are free to label even the President, but if you are a Republican, you can lose your position for praising a man who had once had a bigoted campaign.  Christmas must be "winter holdiday," and practice of Easter must be about perverted rabbits laying eggs, instead of the powerful Good News that God has defeated death by the Resurrection of His Son.  You see, political correctness is just that.  It is defined by politics, not real genuine love of God and care of people.

                How we say things is always important and we must be careful to always speak in love.  But let us never mistake love for not telling the truth, or not letting people understand the error of their ways.  We cannot refrain from condemning what God says about homosexual behavior (abomination, those who practice such things will not enter the Kingdom of God, depraved) just so we can be tolerant in our age.  That is not loving those who practice such behavior, it is giving them permission to waltz into hell.  And we must call killing of our unborn (the slaughter of the most defenseless, pure, innocent members of our society) murder.  The unborn is not a “choice” it is a vibrant living human being.  We cannot trade making those who practice promiscuity and adultery feeling good about themselves for a culture that collectively is offending God every day abortion is allowed to continue.  We must challenge church leaders for not leading, we must challenge those planning divorce with God’s plan for marriage, we must challenge those who trash our language with admonitions from the Scripture, and surely we must teach our children the role God played in the forming of our culture.

                In all this, we need to ask, “Was Jesus politically correct?  Is this a major doctrine of Scripture?”  I challenge that Jesus would be kicked out of the church today for His use of the language.  He called religious leaders hypocrites; He called Herod a fox; He called His disciples dull; He called His own mother, “Woman;” and He called His disciples faithless.  And Paul called homosexuals depraved, Galatians foolish, Peter a hypocrite, and challenged that the wicked would not see the Kingdom of God.  Elders were called to account, religious leaders who did not believe in Christ were called ferocious wolves, and no holds were barred in telling the Pharisees and Jewish leaders they murdered Christ. 

                Let me conclude by saying we must apply Ephesians 4 to our language – build one another up, let no unsavory words come from our mouths, etc.,  and we must always speak in love.  But our language must be defined by God, not the political correct pundits of our day.  We cannot hesitate to speak words of truth even if hearing the truth hurts someone’s feelings (conviction).  The gospel cannot be Good News, unless people understand that there is bad news out there.  And if we refrained from telling people their behavior is bad news because it is not politically correct, then we are more concerned with trying to get by in the world than bringing others into a loving relationship with Christ.

                Even as I write this, I know people will be offended.  And the offense will be against me for speaking the truth, instead of against the political correctness pundits for denying God.

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