Ambush at Demon Pass
Thursday, March 18, 2010


“He has committed us to a message of reconciliation.”  (2 Cor. 5:19)

                There has been a lot of biblical talk on TV this past week, and I thought as the weekend approaches it would be good to get it in perspective.  There are three phrases in particular which I know you have all honed in on, because of their religious connatations.  Let’s look at those so we can clearly see how our faith is at work (or put to the test) in the health care debate.

                First of all, there is reconciliation.  As you know from the above passage and other places, we Christians are to have a message of reconciliation.  We are the ones God has appointed from the beginning to pass reconciliation.  Our government wrongly believes that this is a Senate ploy.  In fact, it has been a ploy dating back to the cross of Christ.  God was at work, reconciliation His people back to Himself, and from the cross forward, He has left us with the message of reconciliation (or so we thought).  But along comes our illustrious Congress.  They have perverted reconciliation to mean something entirely different.  No longer is reconciliation about bringing humans back in to a relationship with God – it is a Congressional act to test our Christianity, our patience, and our grace.  Clearly, I am losing my message of reconciliation.

                The second biblical term kicked around this week in the health care debate (debacle)  is “demon pass.”  (Deem and pass).  I suppose demon pass is a biblical mountain pass where demons hide out to pounce upon the innocent Christians who walk by.  Although demon pass is not a place specifically pointed to in Scriptures, the concept of demons invading peoples’ lives and wrecking havoc with them is.  So we see Congress and the President are getting is step with the demonic by dragging the citizens they represent to demon pass.   So beware, don’t go near the pinnacles of Congressional thought, for there clearly lurks the demons against democracy and the Constitution.  Demon pass is a very dangerous place.

                And the third word for us Christians this week is the Slaughter rule.  Now I am sure we all know about the slaughter rule.  It is the rule that says if an unborn child gets in the way of your sex life, economic needs, or convenience, just slaughter him or her.  After all they are unseen and cannot vote.  And the democratic health care bill is all for slaughtering our unborn.  Thus comes the slaughter rule.

                So there you have it.  Reconciliation in the hands of Congress, is no longer about a loving God reconciling humanity to Himself, it is about alienating the citizens of the land against politicians and one another.  Their brand of reconciliation lurks at demon pass, and will result in the slaughter of another untold millions of our unborn.

                Way to go Congress.

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