It Really is a Big Deal
Monday, April 12, 2010


“Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths. . .” (Eph. 4:25)

                Prior to the last presidential election, I swore not to get involved in presidential politics.  After all I rationalized, the impact of any President is minimal, and my role as a Christian is diminished by getting into the fray.  After all, Peter, Paul, or even Jesus never got into governmental politics except to tell us to pray for our leaders and pay our taxes.  So, my desire to be like Peter and Paul and work my way to being like Jesus required that I steer clear of matters of state.  But – I lied to myself.  I have not been able to steer clear either emotionally or with my mouth, and today with my pen.  Mr. President, it really is a “Big F---ing Deal!” You and your Vice-President have brought shame to the office, destroyed presidential decorum, and have openly lied to the American people and laughed about it.  And that Mr. President is a very big deal.

                If any of my readers missed the Vice-Presidential “gaff” when he introduced the President to announce the passage of health care, it went like this.  After the introduction, he turned to shake the President’s hand, but he forgot to turn the microphone off.  And he whispered in the President’s ear for all America to hear.  This is “this is no big f___ing deal.” And he used the word.  Maybe worse, the President laughed.  At the staff meeting a little later, instead of scolding the VP, the President made a big joke out of it and even talked of having a T-shirt made to that account (I understand such a T-shirt is making its way into public consumption).

                I got my first hint of the President’s affinity for crudity last Mother’s Day when he joked of Rom Emmanuel’s use of the word “motherf____er.”  This tells me, he enjoys having that kind of language running freely in the White House.   After all Emmanuel is the President’s top advisor.   Now for my Democrat friends (and I have many) who are reading this on the border of resenting my remarks and cancelling your subscription, let me tell you why all this is a big deal.

                First of all, and maybe most importantly, it is a big deal because Jesus (whom Obama declared in an interview with Rick Warren was his Lord and Savior) said, “Out of the overflow of the heart, the mouth speaks.”  When I hear someone cursing freely and wantonly, I am offended.  But when I hear someone in high office use offense language I tremble, because their mouths truly reflect what is in their heart.  Jesus may be Obama’s Savior, but He is certainly not his Lord.  If He were, Obama would be very conscious of keeping language pure in America’s First House and in his life.  I believe sincerely that  to see what is in a person’s heart all you have to do is hear what comes from their mouths.  If trash comes out, it is because trash is inside.

                Secondly, it is a big deal, because the President’s acceptance and joking of the matters is a signal to all America and especially to our young people, that foul language is acceptable in private and in public.  In fact, it is something to lift up before the people without apology.  It’s bad enough when Hollywood uses the “f” word as if it were essential to the English language, but when the Vice President and the Chief of Staff use it, and the President endorses it, I fear the use may become mainstream no matter how offensive.

                That brings up my third point.  It is offensive language which shows the offensiveness of the ones using it.  They don’t care about the sensibilities of the listeners.  They just desire to demonstrate how crude they really are (and crude is the word Mr. President) -- which brings up a related point.  The politicians and the media now have made a game of calling anything and everything which doesn’t agree with the President as “racially inspired.”  However, I have not heard the President, the media, or Hollywood condemning the use of the Lord’s name in vain as being Satanically inspired (which it is and certainly violates the command of God).  Yet there is a disturbing silence on the matter.  It is a national sin to use the “n” word or to not celebrate the very good works of Martin Luther King (and if anyone wishes to call me a racist I challenge you to examine my award winning career in defending minority rights and the work I do with people around the globe), but it is free territory to disgrace our Lord in public.  Something is bad wrong here when it is a crime to talk about people derogatorily (as it should be) and doesn’t even get a wink when our Lord is cursed.

                Finally, I will end my diatribe by saying that if this is the kind of language used in Washington to conduct our national business, you can be sure; America is not long for the world.  Paul said, “Let no unwholesome talk come from your mouths, but only that which builds one another up.”  I used to be amazed at how civil the Senate language was, even between political combatants.  Today, that is gone.  The language of politics is crude and incendiary. 

                So Mr. President, I am saddened that you have chosen to surround yourself with people whose hearts are filled with trash (Jesus’ words not mine).  I am saddened even more that you tolerate such language.  Yet I am most deeply saddened that your think it’s funny.  Please don’t wonder why I don’t believe a word you say.  But please know, I pray for you daily (mainly I pray that God will give you a Daniel in your courts to show you the better way) and I pay my taxes.  Beyond that I cannot go.

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