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Business leaders share a dubious distinction of being ranked below the President and Congress in public trust.  That is true because business is associated with greed and corruption instead of the principles of integrity laid out for us in Scripture.  I believe that a business (or church) which grabs ahold of the vision of Jesus Christ for humanity, will restore the public trust and meet its necessary financial goals in the process.  Kingdom Road Ministries takes the teachings of Jesus and helps individuals, business and church leaders, and all disciples to become sojourners on the road that Christ so clearly laid out to the Kingdom of God.

Our vision is to present the Good News of Jesus Christ and His Kingdom in a manner that is so compelling that it transforms the lives of the listeners. The center of every conference or seminar whether it be leadership, discipleship, prayer, relationship building, or vision casting, is first and foremost focusing on our King, our Lord, and our God. We believe that organizations can achieve what they are truly seeking by understanding just who Christ is - His majesty and glory, His wisdom, His love and grace, and the power of His resurrection.

Paul's heart was poured out in Gal. 4:19 when he wrote, "My dear children, I am in the pains of childbirth until Christ is formed in you." Paul's passion for transformation is our own. We proclaim Christ with passion so that the listeners may receive joy in their journey to the Kingdom of God. And therefore the mission of Kingdom Road Ministries is working with businesses and organizations, to Build Leaders, Strengthen the Organization, and further the Kingdom of God.

Our Statement of Faith conforms to the National Association of Evangelicals' recognizing the Centrality of Scripture, the Divinity of Christ, the divine work of God in the world through His Holy Spirit. Furthermore we believe:

  • That prayer, both personal and corporate, is essential for individual life, strength of a business, and health of the church;
  • That integrity and holiness are essential in life;
  • That the Sermon on the Mount is the Manifesto for right living, accomplished by the changed heart, enabled by the Holy Spirit;
  • Transformation of the human life is evidence of salvation and is a continuous work of the Holy Spirit until Christ comes again or when the earthly tent is shed;
  • That the key leadership principles of Scripture are both timeless and powerful and effective for churches and organizations today.

Kingdom Road Ministries is a ministry of Nationally Known Speaker, Dr. Bud Surles.

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